[03.09.09] Kim Hyun Joong is Pissed…Again


The last time we saw Kim Hyun Joong show any emotion on Boys Over Flowers was intense. This time its very personal.

F4 member Kim Hyun Joong has expressed his resentment in the poor behavior of the production company and their lack of sympathy towards the late Jang Ja Yun.

Specifically, Kim Hyun Joong was dumbfounded when he and his fellow actors were told on March 8th there would be an open set during filming on the same day. He and Goo Hye Sun were shocked to see over 100 Japanese tourists already waiting at the filming site. He asked indignantly if any of this made sense as they were still mourning their late colleague. Kim Hyun Joong and fellow cast mates are refusing to start filming with the onlookers, finding the situation unacceptable.

On the 7th, at the Gangnam, Seoul Riviera Hotel, the F4 held a fan meeting hours prior to hearing the death of their cast mate. The actors are calling an open set to be unreasonable and lacking sympathy for the deceased.

The production company is saying that the events had been scheduled for a long time and they had no choice: to cancel a public meeting with the Japanese fans would be outrageous at this time and they are acknowledging the actors stance on the situation. They have expressed it is an awkward situation for everyone. Further they have released a statement they will be watching the situation at hand and will need some time before making a decision as far as continuing production.



11 Responses to “[03.09.09] Kim Hyun Joong is Pissed…Again”

  1. WOW…Talking about respect. He is one hella guy toy to stand up and say “no” to the filming and fan conference due to their past collegue. I like that he stood up and wanted the company to think. I guess the production company has no feeling, I mean look at the many accidents, bad hours of filming, lack of food and rest for these young actors. I think the company should be more considering. These actors put the company on the map as well as making all those money due to the popularity of the drama. But as if they care. If I remember correctly, aren’t the filming company 8 Peaks, the same as “Goong:Princess Hours”. If they are, no wonder EYH and JJH decided not to make a second Princess Hours. That company must really be a pain to deal with. I hope no more bad things happen to them, especially Joongie.

  2. woww he maybe new in this business but he does have balls lol.

  3. eikisonata Says:

    fighting hyun joong! i like the way he stand up for his late colleague. that’s my boy. even though may be other will be hard for him, but he always take care about other feeling too, such a good leader and brother (oppa). sarangheyo, hyun joongie… just remember one thing, i’m always be there for you and support you. so, don’t ever give up ok? i’m watching you from here silently but i will stood up for you in anytime… aja aja fighting ;p

  4. wow! good job sunbae! fighting!

    im soo proud of you. its all about respect. :]

  5. thats really great that he would do somthing like that , he has alot of heart

  6. han eun-sang Says:

    go ji hoo sunbae!! FIGHTING!!

  7. wow gu………….anteng!

  8. I love you Ji Hoo. Love you Kim Hyun Joong

  9. i was touch!!! your the best ji hoo….ur d man

    i like ur humanity

    can’t imagine a quite type guy like you could do such things…
    you got serve

    you have our respect…
    love you

    go sunbae hyun ji-hoo…..mwhuahhhh

  10. Well i think he did the right thing…

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