[03.08.09] Jang Ja Yun Suicide Because of Depression


The shock suicide of Boys Before Flowers actress Jang Ja Yun (26) is still causing shockwaves all over Korea and the industry with many speculating over the actual reasons behind her doing so. Theories ranged from contractual woes with her management, lack of appearances (airtime) in Boys Before Flowers, bashing by antis, etc but close friends have revealed that the main reason was probably depression. Jang Ja Yun had hanged herself in her home yesterday with police ruling out any forms of foul play after initial investigations.

Police revealed after investigations that Jang Ja Yun had developed depression after losing her parents in a car accident 10 years ago. Jang Ja Yun was still in high school when that happened and although she got on well with life after inheriting her parent’s fortune, she had already suffered a big blow mentally that could not be healed easily. Jang Ja Yun might have looked cheerful and bubbly on the outside normally, but she was horribly scared of being left alone deep inside her heart and highly afraid (phobia) about losing her friends.


According to the police, “Her (Jang Ja Yun) sister has expressed that she had depression all along and it had gotten even worst recently. She would often shut herself in her room when she doesn’t have any schedules.” Her sister also revealed that in order to forget the pain bought on by her parents death, Ja Yun had tried all sorts of ways including rearing pets but it was to no avail. Visits to the hospital had increased recently to treat herself for depression but no one thought that Jang Ja Yun would eventually choose to commit suicide.

Police received a 119 emergency call yesterday evening from Ja Yun’s sister and rushed to the scene. But it was too late when they got there as Ja Yun had already passed away a few hours ago by hanging herself from a railing along her stairs. No will or anything was left behind by her. The last known phonecall that Ja Yun made was to her friend yesterday at 2.30pm which seemed to have foreshadowed of what was going to happen next as she said that she was very tired and wanted to die. Jang Ja Yun’s body will be cremated on the 9th.


As Jang Ja Yun’s parents had passed away a long time ago, not many relatives attended the wake today with most coming from the Boys Before Flowers cast and production staff.




With her last appearance in Boys Before Flowers coming in the ski resort episode (episode 12), the red carpet at the 45th Baeksang Awards became her last stage.


Whatever it is, hope that she finds solace right now. Rest in peace.


Credit: AllKpop


20 Responses to “[03.08.09] Jang Ja Yun Suicide Because of Depression”

  1. matsujun_addict Says:

    Uhh! whats wrong with BBF casts?! I hope this will be the last! Even though I’m not fond of watching koreanovelas, it somewhat makes me sad ;(

  2. arvin ace Says:

    Its so sad…
    I thought she’s so very happy with her life
    but its not real
    I’m really sad
    Condolence to Jang Ja Yun

  3. shan-chan Says:

    i feel really bad… i liked her in BBF even though she was a villain there… this news really makes me sad!!

  4. insatiable girl Says:

    i feel bad!!!
    what’s going on??
    what’s wrong with that drama’s casts???

  5. this is so sad!
    i never thought this would happen!
    she must have really loved her parents!!
    hopefully she is with them now.
    i bet Jang Ja unnie was a lovely and sweet person.
    i hope all her sadness in her is gone and that where ever she is, she will be happy.
    sleep happily and peacefully unnie! ❤ ^-^

  6. oh..i am really sad of what happen to her…

    i just found it just now coz it is aired here in the tv just now…

    so i am trying to find all cast and i cant believed it that she died and commit suicide behind her jolly and cheerful face…

    it is my deepest sympathy….

    hope that u will rest in peace….


  7. I feel really sad for her as well as it is really a new for Korean movie stars. She could do her best in BBF. Her acting is really excellent in that Korean drama movie. I hope she would be happy in Heaven.

  8. Sweet Smile Says:

    I was deeply superised about her suiside.!!!
    She may or might a star if she were alive.
    So Regret a death of her. !_!

  9. so sad,,,,,,T_T

  10. Kasihan y? Padahal, dunia kan lg demam BBF. ☻

  11. I am very sorry for you

  12. I am very…………….sad for you

  13. what.

  14. i feel reali sad 4 u

  15. aku turut berduka cita atas kehilangan dirimu

  16. gitanurrahim Says:

    i am so sad i am sorry i dont no abaut this i am SORRY


  17. efanni rahayu Says:

    yak ampyuuun, gue br tw klu jang ja yun tlah tiada….gue trt brduka cita

  18. very sad..hmmp i like her even though
    she did jan dis life miserable..hmp

  19. I just knew it now!! But who was Jang Ja-yun? Who is she in the Boys Before Flowers cast?

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