[03.07.09] Boys Over Flowers OST 2

Just sharing the 3 songs from Boys Over Flowers OST 2. ^_^

A\’ST1 – 아쉬운 마음인 걸

SS501 – 애인 만들기

T-Max & J – Wish UR My Love

*A simple thanks before you download is highly appreciated. ^^


13 Responses to “[03.07.09] Boys Over Flowers OST 2”


  2. annabell Says:


  3. Thanks so much for sharing! (^_^)
    You’re awesome! Hehe! Really.. I mean it.. 🙂

  4. OosakiNana707 Says:

    Muuuchas Gracias, Thank you soooooo much!!, Arigatooouuu gozaimasu……wow….. really really thank u…

  5. omg! i really thank you for the songs

  6. thanks so much highly appreciated ^^

  7. Kristine Says:

    thank you 😉

  8. thanks a lot:) i love the new OST!!

  9. thanks a lot.. ^^

  10. Janelle Says:

    Thanks for uploading

  11. thkx a lot, I’ve been searching for it ever since I watched ep.17

  12. Big thanks to you ! =D

    I already have Making a Lover from SS501 and Yearning of the Heart from A’ST1 and I love them… Hope it will be the same for the last one ! ^^

    Anyway… I stop babbling ! =P


  13. An nyong hamsimnida!! I am looking for the title and the download link of the song where Ga Eul show Yi Jung the word “I LOVE YOU, Yi Jung” on the billboard during the sunrise. I love that song. But I don’t know the title. And if you have the lyrics, can you post it too? If you don’t mind.

    Any help is much appreciated! Kumapseumnida!!!

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