[03.06.09] Who could have been Geum Jan Di?


Though I’ve already stated how much I hate Goo Hye Sun‘s over-the-top acting (I know Jandi/Makino is an over-the-top character, but the Japanese version managed not to annoy the hell out of me; and note, I hate her acting in this drama, not Goo Hye Sun herself), I can’t say for sure if it would’ve been better if any of these other girls who were also considered for the role of Geum Jan Di were acting instead. Before Goo Hye Sun was finally cast, these (unlucky) girls were in the running to become the lead character in the #1 TV drama in Korea:
Nam Sung Mi (26)
Like Goo Hye Sun, she is a former Internet “ulzzang”. She is considered a talented actress, but she’s portrayed mostly shy, feminine characters so far.

Lee Young Ah (26)
Another “ulzzang” alumna, she reminds me of the Taiwanese Jandi. I think she looks a bit too soft for the role.

Gwak Ji Min (25)


Kim Byul (24)


Park Bo Young (20)
She’s another popular actress and she’s been in lots of comedies.


Park Shin Hye (20)
She’s probably the most familiar actress on this list. She’s a pretty good actress and she was the front runner for the role along with Goo Hye Sun. She was eventually rejected for “looking affluent”. (Does this mean Goo Hye Sun “looks cheap”?)

Why are all the actresses (except for Park Bo Young and Park Shin Hye) so old? You’d think that with the influx of pedophile-pleasing underage actresses bouncing around, they would’ve gotten a younger actress, or someone who actually looks like a high school student. One of the reasons why I can’t stand Goo Hye Sun’s acting is because she tries too hard to look cute and seem younger than she really is (26). She’s a gorgeous, talented actress, but she doesn’t really fit the role. Well, that’s my opinion. Do you guys think any of these girls would’ve done better?

Credit: AllKpop


28 Responses to “[03.06.09] Who could have been Geum Jan Di?”

  1. dude!
    goo hye sun is much better than these girls!!!!!
    i think she’s the best!!!!!

  2. swallow Says:

    i think nam sung mi is the best ,she is very pretty

  3. the casting is perfect..period..no comment for Jan di now..

  4. cheneemae Says:

    Goo hye sun deseveres the title ^^

  5. Hey, how can u say so? Are u jeolous with ss GHS? I don’t need ur answer,though. I feel pity for u. Don’t live with that mindset. Be open and u can see how lovely BOF as well as all of its actors and actresses i.

  6. hmm.. me too, i think the cast is perfect.

  7. for me goo hye sun is the BEST FOREVER right

  8. ok. i forgive u for saying u hate goohyesun’s acting in bof… bcoz u clarified that not goohyesun hrself… ok… hey.. can’t u see this girls?? so u think that these girls is better than her??? omg… i cant believe u.. 4 me., they look cheap… hey.. and dont ya say goohyesun is cheap ok???? if u think goohyesun is cheap., they are cheaper…. just look at them… and look at the cute face of goohyesun… isn’t she more adorable than these girls ???? 4give me… i just cant take ur opinion… i think that the cast is perfect… more perfct if a girl lyk goohyesun is there…..

  9. jzboybi Says:

    Goo hye sun is perfect! she did the best, who cares if shes 26, she even looks 16 with that school uniform, and she and lee min ho look good and great together!!!! =D

  10. sweetytanwir Says:

    i totaly agree with ppl who agree with the cast how it is because they all did best act and i love the drama so i dont think this question have came up at the first place.

    good job casting of Boy Before Flower

  11. i love goo hye sun she is the best prettier than those girls you like your just jealous maybe coz your ugly

  12. goo hye sun is such a cutie. the cutest one than other versions of bof. are you jealous or what ?
    dude… i think you should check ur eyes and ur mind…

  13. i think goo hye sun is perfect be geum jan di..
    she very cute and very talent to act geum jan di
    i think ghs and lmh is match to be couple in BBF
    i can understanding why you say like that coz this just our opinion
    but in my opinion the succes of bbf cause goo hye sun is geum jan di,,
    i think like that

  14. For me that great decision to choose, GHS as geum jan di..
    She can act funny and serious very well.
    And she look match with shinhwa uniform.. cute!!
    And the best is She look good together with F4.. They had good chemistry..
    I love Goo Hye Sun and F4.

  15. Goo Hye Sun is the best at all!!!…

  16. gamboaray Says:

    goo hye sun is the best,. you are just jelous hmmp!!!

  17. yes….i’m so happy to read all your comments because i love GHS so much……love…….. she is the best. there is no reason why those girls you like are better than her. no way.

  18. hi your so beautiful

  19. I think GHS very very good to be as geum jandi and if you hate GHS which to be geum jandi it’s your opinion. No body perfect guys ^_^

  20. Goo Hye Sun is a great actor,
    when you see her interviews she’s really shy
    but in Boys Before Flowers Jandi is lively and outgoing
    so you could tell she did her hardest.
    Plus she has a babyface how could you not like her?

  21. hotdancer Says:

    I like Goo Hye Sun to be geum jandi… she’s the best.. maybe you’re just jealous cause you didn’t have the chance to set up the girl you want to be with LMH in BOF.. goo hye sun is perfect and the cast was so perfect!!

  22. Gu hye sun deserves the role Geum jan di but why you should comparing them it’s really obvious that gu hye sun has a pretty and cute face among that girls and gu hye sun is the only talented I know in Korea. You’re only INSECURE to gu hye sun’s beauty!!!Ü

  23. I know gu hye sun is one of the beautiful faces today in Korea so she deserves that all titles she has a natural beauty and she don’t have to make herself beautiful because she’s really beautiful already… so don’t judge her you’re only INSECURE to her…

  24. Gu hye sun deserves the title compare to that all ugly girls you’re talking about…

  25. wooo !!!!!!! she is still very cute without tries to look cute . although she is 26th years old she look like high school student, I’m a high school student and in FACT she is look like young than me. and all of my friends love her acting in boys over flowers. once more, she is very popular in my school because her natural beauty, multitalented actress. hye sun unnie is the best actress for me and my friends. that is not only my opinion because it’s all is FACT. SHE ALSO HAVE GOOD MANNERS.

  26. correct to all those who said goo hye sun fits the role so much and also with just one look at her and all those girls on top, those girls ddnt leave any impression on me but just ‘blah’. its good that hye sun’e been given a break on tv since shes very very talented. and her acting was just right for the role of jan di. everything just fit in right.

  27. Finally there is someone who shares the same view as me!
    i prefere a million times Makino ( inoue mao ). i think JanDi haven’t done her best for the role, i think she ruin it.fortunately the other actors covered her poor acting and made this drama AMAZING.

  28. park shin hye… ohh there’s ma baby

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