[03.06.09] [spoiler] Boys Before Flowers ep 18

here are some spoilers:

  • Jan Di is thrown from seeing Jae Gyeong and Jun Pyo together. Seeing that Jan Di feels depressed, Ji Hu comforts her.
    Jun Pyo ultimately rejects Jae Gyeong’s advances. Jae Gyeong sits in her room alone, gloomily eating ice cream as she realizes that Jun Pyo must have been Jan Di’s boyfriend.
  • The next morning, she tells Jan Di that she didn’t get any sleep because her and Jun Pyo had an eventful (”historic”) night together. She says that Jun Pyo left early because he was embarrassed and that she’s leaving now to follow him “like a thread follows a needle”. Once Jae Gyeong leaves Ji Hu and Jan Di’s presence, she sheds tears.
  • Jan Di and Ji Hu visit a Buddhist temple and make wishes – (hers regarding university acceptance and his regarding happiness).
    During pottery class, Eun Jae and Ga Eul converse. Eun Jae encourages Ga Eul to confess her feelings to the person she likes. Eventually, Ga Eul goes to Yi Jeong’s house and surprises him by asking him out on a date. He initially turns her down. However, a few days later, Yi Jeong with a resolute expression come to Ga Eul as she leaves her workplace.
  • Jan Di’s parents find work by the coast and move to the seaside where Jan Di’s uncle lives, leaving Jan Di and her brother to find a cheap place to live in.
  • Jandi was surprised to find Jun Pyo in her new neighborhood. Jun Pyo went to Jandi’s new rooftop house because he regret and feels guilty about Jandi shoulder. yep, he knew about it from Yi Jeong.

Credit: miumiu099


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