[03.06.09] Lee Jun-ki Plans a U.S. Tour

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Actor Lee Jun-ki plans to go on a U.S. tour in the latter half of this year, following the ones in China, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong. Lee’s agency says that a detailed schedule is being worked out now and it’s coordinating the event so that his overseas activities wouldn’t be in conflict with his domestic ones.

Known for his amazing acting performance in the film “King and the Clown” and dramas “My Girl” and “Iljimae,” Lee has his own fan clubs in China, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries. When he was in Indonesia for some volunteer work recently, the international airport there was paralyzed with Lee’s screaming fans. His immense popularity overseas has motivated his agency to host a world tour.

Lee has a fan concert planned for April 18 at the Olympic Park in Seoul. The concert titled “Episode 2” will be the foundation for his world tour. Meanwhile, he has left for Thailand on Thursday to model for Korean designer Andre Kim in a fashion show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Korea-Thailand relations.

Source: KBS World

Credit: Seoulfull


2 Responses to “[03.06.09] Lee Jun-ki Plans a U.S. Tour”

  1. Junki, the world tour sounds great! I hope there is a plan in LA like a fan meeting or commercial or promo opportunities in USA. I bet Junki’s Asian/Western mixed image will impress the most of western people. Go for it Junki! But you need to do some research on the culture and entertainment industry before you actually do something in USA. You may need some connection in USA to make it work better. I think Junki needs to work on his dancing to upgrade it to a more professional level rather than just breakdance style. He may need some lessons from people in USA. Anyhow, Junki can do really well whatever he does because he has a strong determination. I thought about an interesting story for a movie for Junki as I was watching one video from Youtube the other day. There was a fan who asked for Junki’s hair. What if the movie is about the famous actor’s DNA was cloned and the the clones without knowing the existence of each other live their own adventurous lives that are very unique and exciting, maybe contrasting as well. I think Junki can act 2 or 3 different characters with no problem. And they all meet the different dream girls but toward the end the scientists and politicians try to find them and terminate them all, so the chase and fight go on and eventually all clones of Junki meet with each other and help each other to survive and at the end they sacrifice themselves to have only one of them to survive. In the process, add humanism, love, and heroism with pack full of actions. Well, it’s exciting to just imagine about this type of movie because I can see so much about Junki. What do you think? Hey, don’t steal the idea without my permission. hehe. Hope I could be a help. It will be adventurous life for me too.
    Love ya Junki.

  2. Love that idea!

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