[02.19.09] Fly To The Sky 8th Album, A Sudden Rise In Charts

2009-02-19 (Thu) 09:10:25 Reporter Park Gwang Sun ksparket@empal.com



[Prime Economy] Fly To The Sky’s official 8th album [Decennium] which was released on the 13th is continuing its success parade via words of mouth with the strong support of the netizens.

The title song ‘Restriction’ of Fly To The Sky’s 8th album, which had already shown signs of great success from its early preview, made a sudden rise up the charts after the full track release on the 12th, keeping its place within the top 10 on Bugs (Live 1st), Mnet.com (Daily 3rd), Melon and Dosirak. Moreover, the early release track ‘Just Go, You’ is affirming the intrinsic value of the well-made album by keeping its place near the top of the charts. They are also displaying a high sales figure in album sales, continuing their trend in not only online charts.

Fly To The Sky, displaying a smooth success parade, continues their live stage that filled many with admiration on TV come back stages, on m.net M! Countdown on the 19th. They will show an unwavering and explosive Fly To The Sky stage also on KBS Music Bank on the 20th and SBS Inkigayo on the 22nd. They are planning to continue the Fly To The Sky effect, not only on live stages in music shows, but with guest requests pouring in from variety programs from various TV stations.

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Credits: Park Gwang Sun from Prime Economy + Deborah from Heavenly-Sent (translation).


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