Fly to the Sky – Vol. 8 Decennium

Finally!!! FLY TO THE SKY’s 8th album is already out.. ^^,

but i don’t know what to feel…

I was happy because their new music was better than their music from No Limitations..

I so love their new music.. it has a different feel from their previous works..

…but then… this morning, along with the release of their new album was a bad news for FTTS fans like me. šŸ˜¦

*to find out about the news read my other posts.*

Anyway, i’d like to share their album…


Marking the 10th anniversary of their remarkable career, Fly to the Sky releases their 8th album appropriately entitled Decennium. As always, the boys do what they do best ā€“ offering the best of both worlds in musical artistry and mainstream trends. But this time, they boldly take one step further to present an album distinctively different from their usual style, thanks largely to many colorful contributors like Dynamic Duo and Gary of LeeSsang who pitched in their hip-hop flair for tracks like Close to you (Track 3) and Jeul geo chat gi (“Hiding Game” ā€“ Track 7) respectively. Other participants in the album include Brown Eyed Soul and Wanted.

01. Decennium

02. Arrest (Title Song)

03. Close To You (feat. Dynamic Duo)

04. Gaboryeo Nuh (Throwing You Away)

05. Good Girl

06. Song For You

07. Favorites (feat. Rissang Geri)

08. Alcohol

09. Last Prayer

10. It Might Be Love / Probably Love

11. I’m Sorry, Tears

12. Whole Note

PS. At least reply a thanks before you download the files i’ve uploaded coz i’ve noticed that a lot of people who visit my blog just download stuffs without even saying “thanks”. ^^


13 Responses to “Fly to the Sky – Vol. 8 Decennium”

  1. thanks so much!! can’t wait to listen to these =)

  2. thanks

  3. Thanks for the download!

  4. thanks a lot! love your blog!

  5. Thx! I appreciate that you put up the files for us!!!! Thx again!!!

  6. thanks for sharing! ^^

  7. thanks!

  8. thanks šŸ™‚

  9. thanx alot ^^

  10. Kpop Fan Says:

    Thanks for the whole album. It was super.

  11. passerby Says:

    thanks alott! i’ve been looking high and low for this!thankss!!

  12. thanks for uploading the album it’s pretty good =]

  13. thanks alot šŸ™‚

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