[02.12.09] Hwanhee/Brian, Separate work in separate agencies ‘Not Break-up’


Male duo Fly To The Sky’s Hwanhee and Brian will each settle into different agencies and work separately. Fly To The Sky, who meets their 10th debut anniversary this year after debut in 1999, will convert to a project group with the recently released 8th album ‘Decennium’ as their last.

Different from doing acting and entertainment occasionally as solo work with group work as a matrix, they will now contract with separate agencies and will concentrate on solo work different from a team format. It is a format where they will only work together when releasing a single or mini special album intermittently.

Fly To The Sky’s agency revealed ‘Hwanhee and Brian consolidated their standpoints as going their separate ways with the expiration of the contract with the current agency. Their 8th album is the last official album the two will release.’ Hwanhee will release a solo album at the end of this year, and Brian will start filming a movie in Louisiana, USA from June.

Meanwhile, Brian revealed his feelings in finishing off their actual official group work with this album as the last by saying ‘It’s already been 10 years since we’ve been together. I will pray for your happiness wherever you are, whatever you’re doing,’ through the ‘thanks’ section in the 8th album Decennium.

Reporter Kim Sung Yi [zzam@joongang.co.kr] 2009.02.12 19:03

Credits: http://isplus.joins.com/enter/star/200902/…0002010401.html (origin of post) + Deborah @ Heavenly-Sent (translation)


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