[02.12.09] Fly To The Sky, “This 8th album is our last official album”


Duo Fly To the Sky, who celebrates their 10th anniversary with 8th album ‘Decennium’, revealed that this 8th album will be their last official album but assured fans that, they will not be disbanding.

They will end contract with current management company but will continue to work on as a project group and release more albums in the future.

Fly To The Sky members HwanHee (27) and Brian (28 ) spoke up to the speculations that they will be disbanding after their 8th album.


The 2 members said, “The 8th album will be our last official album. We will end our contract with our current management company with this album and concentrate on our solo activities. Even though it is not confirmed yet, Fly To The Sky will still continue to release singles, mini, special album in the name of Fly To The Sky.“


They also revealed each of their solo activities to come.

Brian, “I will start the filming for a movie in America Louisiana from June. I still cannot reveal what scenario and what character I will be working on in the movie. And following that, my solo albums will not be mass music but CCM music albums.”

While HwanHee said, “I will release a solo album in October. People had thought that I will release ballad albums but to say the truth I don’t like ballads. I’d like to do R&B and dance songs. And for acting, I have seen through some of the scripts going around, and I will continue to work harder and decide on my next acting project soon.”

When asked what they think about having to compete with each other if they release their album the same time, Brian said with a smile, ” I will probably tell HwanHee ‘Your music is better’ while inside I will say ‘I have to win #1′. But I guess we will not have the situation that we will compete with each other if we release our solo music at the same time. And we will continue to be on good terms and in the name of Fly To The Sky.”

HwanHee added, “Through this 10 years, we have both developed and grow through our own competition as Fly To The Sky – some visible to others and some not. After our 7th album, we are back with our 8th with more confidence. And because this will be our last official album, we ill probably have promotional activities for a longer period of time.”

‘Go Away’ MV from their 8th album

Credit: KBites


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