[02.12.09] Brian, Hollywood entry … Start action comedy filming in June


[Asia Economy Newspaper Reporter Lee Hye Rin] Fly To The Sky’s Brian will enter into Hollywood as an actor.

Brian was recently casted as a main character in an action comedy movie and will go into filming in June. Currently, the movie’s detailed information is being processed as unrevealed, and Brian will star as one of the three main characters in this movie.

This entry was attained by the introduction from the Korean-American actor Aaron Yoo, with whom Brian has been building friendship. Aaron Yoo is an actor who has been active with a relatively important part in the movie ‘Disturbia’ starring Shia LaBeouf. Brian is aspiring to find his place in Hollywood with this movie as a start.

Brian stated, ‘I think I will have to go to Hollywood as soon as Fly To The Sky’s 8th album work is finished. Although we will have to see the response from this movie, I would like to continue working as an actor in the US. Of course, I will continue singer and actor work in Korea too.’

Meanwhile, Fly To The Sky will release their 8th album ‘Decennium’ on the 13th and comes back through KBS ‘Music Bank’.

Reporter Lee Hye Rin rinny@asiae.co.kr

Credits: http://www.asiae.co.kr/uhtml/read.jsp?idxn…021216093547873 (origin of post) + Deborah @ Heavenly-Sent (translation)


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