[07.29.09] Goo Hye Sun Hurt While Filming Boys Before Flowers

It was revealed that Goo Hye Sun was hurt while filming for KBS Boys Before Flowers yesterday but there was no serious injuries sustained thankfully.


Goo Hye Sun was filming a diving scene inside a swimming pool when things went wrong after she hit her head against the floor of the pool. She was immediately sent to a nearby hospital in Kangnam but was subsequently cleared of any serious head injuries. But for safety reasons, Goo Hye Sun also got a CT scan and X-Ray to make sure there was no future implications.

Although Goo Hye Sun was cleared by the doctors and she clearly wanted to resume filming, she was eventually warded for further observations as it was a head injury. Goo Hye Sun thus missed the afternoon filming session yesterday. Goo Hye Sun has been discharged this morning and resumed filming.

The production team has been worried sick after 3 members of the F4 group, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon in Boys Before Flowers were involved in minor traffic accidents subsequently over the past week.

But it was all good on the ratings front for Boys Before Flowers as they tightened their grip on the leadership position in the Mon-Tue timeslot.


According to TNS Media Korea, Boys Before Flowers obtained 25.9% on Tuesday night, their highest rating thus far and was 4.1 percentage points more than East of Eden which got 21.8%. The gap has widened as the viewership for East of Eden continues to decline. Will it remain the same next week?

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  1. oh ganteng ya kaliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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