[01.31.09] Rising Star of 2009 – Kim So Eun

Up and coming actress Kim So Eun is undoubtedly one of the most popular and talented rising new stars in 2009, who has impressed many with her roles in Empress Chun Chu and Boys Before Flowers, both KBS dramas.


In Empress Chun Chu, Kim So Eun plays the younger version of Hwang Bo Soo (older version played by Chae Si Ra), who later becomes the empress of the Goryeo Dynasty. Starting from Episode 2, her vivid portrayal of the leading character has seen many giving her the ‘little Chae Si Ra’ nickname. At the same time, she is also acting as the best friend of Geum Jandi (Goo Hye Sun) in Boys Before Flowers who is a childish yet highly motivated high-school girl.

“I feel that I still have a lot of inadequacies. It is a pity but because of the praises by many, I am now motivated to proceed on. Despite the fact that I have only have scenes for 7 episodes, I have actually learnt horse riding and archery within a span of 3 months. My skin even had callus (thickened) due to the repeated plucking of the bow string for filming needs,” said Kim So Eun.


Kim So Eun, who usually plays a teenage or high-school girl, has achieved a breakthrough in her acting path. In Empress Chun Chu, Kim So Eun has had to contend with marriage, giving birth and losing her husband within the span of 7 episodes. This almost equates to a life experience of a normal adult with the exception of death. Although she has been turned back to a high-school girl in Boys Before Flowers, she is now able to portray the role with ease.

“I have been really busy acting as a queen over the weekend and a normal citizen from Monday to Friday. I have both the loyalty personality of Empress Chun Chu and also the childishness of Chu Ga Eul at the same time.”

The way Kim So Eun entered the entertainment industry is pretty unique. During her school days, she had dreamt of being a designer. As her mum had an interest in photography, Kim So Eun was often the model for her mum.

“My parents didn’t really like me studying arts and actually wanted me to become an actress instead. However, due to my persistence in not wanting to become one, so they just let me be and I learnt arts during my free time. But since I am an actress now, I think that this is probably my destiny.”

Credit: Hanfever


36 Responses to “[01.31.09] Rising Star of 2009 – Kim So Eun”

  1. Love So Eun. Form girl to girl, she’s my idol :]
    Her acting is strong and enforced 🙂 Hwaiting!

  2. I LiKe KiM sO eUn sO mUcH…….
    hWaiTiNg OnNy…..
    Be yOuRseLF….

  3. Vivian Ly Says:

    I really love this gurl
    like i luv her acting and all
    she soo pretty.
    i think she is much prettier then the main character in Boys over Flowers

  4. Vivian Ly Says:

    I definitely think that she should be in more movies/tv shows
    can’t wait if she is in another one XP ^-^

  5. whoa!!!!
    she’s definitely beautiful that soon to be the superstar!!!
    i can’t wait to see her other movies!
    their chemistry between kim beoum and kim so eun is definitely perfect!
    hope they will have a movie! 🙂

  6. mara shane Says:

    she’s really cute

  7. . ,kim sO eUl
    .thE nExt sUperstAr. ,
    .h0pe u will hAve a m0vie tOgether with kim sAng-bum. ,bOth of yOu wEre pErfect fOr eAch othEr. ,wish yOu will bEcome hUsbAnd and wifE. .tAke cAre aLwayz. ,gOd blesS. .mwAahH

  8. Kim So Eun..you’re very pretty n cute..i hope you will be a great artist..
    n i’m also hope you will be a girlfriend or wife of kim bum, because all of you are the best couple..Kim So Eun i love you so muchh..

  9. i love you very much kim so eun……i’m your number one fan h

  10. i’m your number one fan here in the Philippines………..good luck for the up coming movies……………love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i really like kim so eun

    she looks so graceful i hope i can b like her

    so beautiful

    kim bum and kim so eun look’s verry goood together!

    i hope the two of you have your own movie

    and the two of you will be together there!!!

    the two of you rocks…s!!!

  12. you’re so beautiful

  13. kim hyu shin Says:

    u looks so really cute!

  14. kim hyu shin Says:


  15. you have a pretty face.

  16. your very cute………i know you will be a one of hottest arising star in 2009

  17. hi your so beautiful i hope that you can visit here in manila.

  18. you and kim bum are so compatible

  19. how n!ce, she so cute i really like her, i wish i could see her someday in korea together with all the stars of KBs and MBS,,,,….

    ….Wish U all the best kim so eun!!!!!!

  20. u know girl ur so!. cute the way ur smile …… the way talk . and u have a good chemistry with kim bum . i hope the BOF will have a part 2,, ok take care. love yahhhhhhhh=)

  21. kk i’m so cool and very beautiful ngefans reply that my brother was just playing to the korea . thank’s

    my hye eun(ko hye eun)

  22. rani permatasari Says:

    gk da

  23. i love kim so eun………hope you”d come here in the philippines..plz?

  24. KIM SO EUN ……..
    i like youuuuuu…..
    you is verry,verry beautifulll!!!!!!!

  25. hai kim se’un i like you acting . iam went like you can acting in the korea asia .

  26. cueleng pacar Q seek d bLeheNi kro aQ ree…..

    cueleng kabeH Remu Tkek…. ass hoLe..

  27. cueleng pacar Q seek d bLeheNi kro aQ ree…..

    cueleng kabeH Remu Tkek….

  28. she is so pretty

  29. ann yeong hasaeyo kim so eun

  30. I Lurveeee Heer 🙂

  31. I Lurveeee Heer 🙂

  32. hi kim So-eun how’s your by friend i am girl how old are you i am Grade-2 8 years old are you 18 years old are your boy friend is Kim-bum huh

  33. mia lanuza Says:

    ..i agree!! she’s simple but she’s so pretty!! she and kim bum are the very best couple!! i love them so mucchh.!!

  34. green rose Says:

    I love sister kim so eun. she is so pretty and cute.

  35. he looks beautiful always….

    nice girl….

  36. she looks beautiful always….

    nice girl….

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