[01.29.09] Jang Geun Suk Picks Beethoven Virus Over Boys Before Flowers

It was close but didn’t happen. It was revealed that Jang Geun Suk was a prime candidate for the role of Goo Joon Pyo during the initial casting for the roles in KBS Boys Before Flowers, but Lee Min Ho got the role in the end.


Boys Before Flowers went through a long period of casting and auditions last year before beginning its broadcast on 5th January. Many were concerned over the casting for the popular adapation of the Japanese manga which has millions of readers worldwide and had been made into a drama in Taiwan and Japan over the past few years. But the initial casting stage wasn’t plain sailing.

According to someone from KBS, Jang Geun Suk had been a prime candidate for the role of Goo Joon Pyo but he wanted the role of Yoon Ji Ho instead. Group Eight, the production company behind Boys Before Flowers expressed that SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong had already been pre-selected for the role already. And this explains why there was a long delay in confirming Kim Hyun Joong for Boys Before Flowers even though there were rumors then.


Thus, a competition started brewing between Jang Geun Suk and Kim Hyun Joong for the role of Yoon Ji Ho. At the same time, fans of Kim Hyun Joong started leaving messages for Group Eight, expressing that Hyun Joong was most definitely able to portray the character and also sent in photos of Hyun Joong which resembled Yoon Ji Ho a lot to strengthen their case.

In the end, Jang Geun Suk gave up on the role automatically after failing to get a definite response from Group Eight and took on Beethoven Virus.


19 Responses to “[01.29.09] Jang Geun Suk Picks Beethoven Virus Over Boys Before Flowers”

  1. BangingBigBang Says:

    its okay, jang geun suck will get better roles than that, his looks is too good for it ne ways =] i dont think that uptight retarded charcater fits him.

  2. adick_almond Says:

    yeah,its ok…actually,JGS got a trophy because of Bethoveen virus…he is act naturally in that drama…so, it’s doesn’t matter if he did not get the role in BBf…there are so many roles coming up better than that…JGS is still the best!

  3. adick_almond Says:

    he act naturally*

  4. adick_almond Says:

    …but come to think of it,,,look at JGS is he more fitted to be one of the BBF hehehhe he is really so handsome!

  5. so sad that he didn’t got the role for the BBF…. i think that beethoven virus is not that good compared to BBF….he should accepted the role… but still nice to hear that he will be coming for a new romance/drama You are beautiful…hope that he will a good one here with park shin hye…

  6. Good luck on your new drama….

  7. Crissalyn Says:

    .yay ! ok lan peu pslamat p rin at si min-ho ang naging si jun pyo hahaha

  8. I think he made a good choice there. Beethoven’s Virus showcases his talent best. Getting an award for that instead. The acting was soooooo good!!!! Nothing against Kim Hyun Joong, who played Yoon Ji Ho in BBF but the acting is a carbon copy of Oguri Shun (Jap. Version which was way way better portrayed) nothing new. I could forgive for that because according to my korean friend, he’s basically new to acting.

  9. wae..oppa!
    Sarang Haeyo!!!
    for me JGS is still the best…
    so handsome..like an angel…
    hope i could see you in personal….

  10. LMH is the best choice as GJP. JGS looks too good to be GJP..:)

  11. obviamente jang geun suk hubiera sido un mejor Goo Joon Pyo que Lee Min Ho
    geunsuk iss much better

  12. tika suntaya Says:

    right…. i agree that guen suk is much better in act and his talents is more than anyone else. I think he made a best choice to play in Beethoven virus, anyone can act as gu jun pyo in BBF but not as geun suk in Beethoven virus. its need more than pretty face. JGS is still the best!

  13. lee min ho is the besttttttttttt

  14. he would be perfect for the role of go jon pyo. but lee min ho is not rocks too!

  15. lee min ho looks old for me to be playing gu joon pyo…JGS is way better but unfortunately he turned down the gu joon pyo role coz he wanted to be the other guy in BOF but it was already given to that blondie boy band leader guy..anyways its his destiny…look at JGS now..he’s already way way more famous around the world than any of the BOF casts combined.JGS even has fans in south america ahahaha it was aired in chile!!!

  16. i love you very much please …muah pig..youcrazy stupid kim jom

  17. So true that JGS is much more talented than LMH & KHJ!!!
    He really deserves his award from his role as Kang Gun Woo.
    I think he deserve best actor award too in portraying Hwang Tae Kyung in You are Beautiful – yes indeed he is beautiful.
    Just that recent shows like Mary Stayed Out Late (lousy script, JGS is good in his singing & his role) & You are My Pet (Bad taste for casting Kim Ha Neul which is too dried up (“old”) & unfashionable as a fashion editor)

  18. Ki az az első képenb???????:O

  19. JGS is the best not only he has looks but he is very talented. Every drama, he’s in he gets really into the character. You’re beautiful, Baby and me, Beethoven’s virus,Mary stayed out all night, and Love rain. He really portraits the role very well and in every drama his acting is very different and unique.

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