“Throwing You Away”

I haven’t posted much this week because I got hooked watching Jang Hyuk & Gong Hyo Jin’s 2007 drama: Thank You. Jang Hyuk’s really a great actor.. I love the drama especially Bom & Harabeoji who’s suffering from dementia.

While sending the twilight ebook to my college buddy Eliza i decided to check new music releases from bww2 and then i got excited when i saw the single from Fly to the Sky’s upcomming 8th album: Decennium. The single’s entitled Gaburyeoh Nuh (Throwing You Away). I download it right away and i’m listening to it right now.. yay!!! so happy when i heard Brian’s wonderful voice… whaaaa!!! of course I got excited too with Hwanhee’s voice, LOL! 😀 Listening to it for the 3rd time now and I SOOO…. LOVE their new song. ^^,

That’s all… will try updating tomorrow if i got tired of watching but i don’t think i will, kekeke!! ^_^

PS: You can now download my “listening to” songs under pages (My Music Page) or you could simply click the link below. ^^

Listening to: Fly to the Sky – Gaburyeoh Nuh (Throwing You Away)


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