[01.23.09] Lee Minho wishes you a happy new year


Lunar New Year is upon us and of course, now that pretty boy Lee Minho has become famous overnight for his leading role in “Boys Over Flowers,” we have to know how the curly-haired F4 member is going to spend his new year.

Lee Minho is still busy shooting for the drama and has to spend the beginning of Lunar New Years on set with the rest of the crew and stuff. He says, “Today we have to start the new year off on set, and even though things are hectic, every time I think about the fans who support ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ I don’t feel a bit tired and hope that everyone will be lucky in the new year and continue to support the show.”

Enjoy these ridiculously cute pictures of Lee Minho in the traditional hanbok and Happy Lunar New Year to everybody who celebrates! May the new year be the start of many good things.




Credit: Seoulbeats

Listening to: Jewelry S – Sweet Song


4 Responses to “[01.23.09] Lee Minho wishes you a happy new year”

  1. you’re very cute and handsome boy……….
    I love to see you in the drama ‘Boys over Flowers’ I hope I could be your friend…….I love you……..

  2. sandi.hsu Says:

    I feeling so cool of you.I want to gonna be your friend.so thanks a lot.

  3. U look so smart and lovely !.I want to gonna be one of your friend.
    Be happy Lee Min Ho

  4. kin-chu-raa Says:

    u r damn cute but not as cuteee as maffia guy!oppa plz gib ma wishez and luv 2maffia guy.

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