[01.22.09] Goo Hye Sun Does Her Own Hair and Makeup


Apparently, Goo Hye Sun who is playing the leading role in the latest drama hit “Boys Before Flowers” as Geum Jan Di, does not have a personal make-up artist or hairstylist for her filming needs. She does her own hair and makeup for the drama! And this news has created quite a commotion with some netizens praising her for her effort in doing things herself while others criticised her poor makeup and hairstyling skills.

A representative from the “Boys Before Flowers” production team said: “Goo Hye Sun will do her makeup and hair personally everytime before the filming. She has also portrayed her role as Geum Jan Di very well and is really a multi-talented girl. She designs new hairstyles during her personal times. As this time round she plays a cute high school girl, it isn’t necessary for her to have any make-up artist or hairstylist.”

No make-up artist and hairstylist for the character for has the most scenes in the drama? Is the production team trying save cost or what? So this is the reason why I find her hairstyle in “Boys Before Flowers” a little… erm… weird, even though I do like her character here.

Source: mydaily

Credit: Hanfever


9 Responses to “[01.22.09] Goo Hye Sun Does Her Own Hair and Makeup”

  1. i love you ku hye sun 4ever i love you

  2. Don’t critize Goo Hye Sun. She did her own hairstyle and make-up gracefully/

  3. wow i love it so much
    i like the way you act!!!

  4. xinh the ha? kute kute :X:X:X ieu tke …[beautiful girl]

  5. em o Viet Nam a em qui chi lam a

  6. i love you Goo Hye Sun forever promise. your so beutifull to me allways!!

  7. goo hye sun always in my heart ^^

  8. goo hye sun i idolize u ,the way u do ur own best….n_n

  9. lê thị diệu hương [ vietnamese] Says:

    chào chị em rất hâm mộ chị ,em biết đếm chị trong phim ” boys over flowers ” em rất thích tính cách của chị trong phim ,không biết ngoài đời chị có giống như vậy không nhỉ ? hihihi ^_^ em có thể làm fan của chị được không vậy chị ?

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