[01.22.09] ‘Swallow The Sun’ Casts Lee Wan As Another Lead


Aside from the previously announced Sung Yuri and Ji Sung, Lee Wan is also now cast as another lead in the upcoming SBS drama “Swallow The Sun“.

Lee Wan will play as Jang Tae Hyuk, a friend who grows up with Kim Jung Woo (Ji Sung), but will ultimately become Jung Woo’s biggest opponent due to his dreams and ideals. With the addition of Lee Wan, the current confirmed leads will increase to 4 (2 actors and 2 actress), including Ji Sung, Sung Yuri and Han Ji Yeon.

This 24-episode drama series is the latest collaboration between writer Choi Wan Kyu and PD Yoo Chul Yong since the popular hit “All In” back in 2003. As such, this is also dubbed “All In 2″ by many. The drama depicts the life of teenagers from Seo Gwi Po city and their process of transforming the city into a global metropolis.

The team will be constructing a 6417 square metre film set for the drama requirements, which goes to show the amount efforts put in. “Swallow The Sun” will begin filming in Jeju Island. After which the team will fly to Las Vegas for overseas scenes from March to May. The official scheduled broadcast date is set on the 17th of June.

Credit: Hanfever

Listening to: Seung Ri – Strong Baby

4 Responses to “[01.22.09] ‘Swallow The Sun’ Casts Lee Wan As Another Lead”

  1. i can’t wait your new movie

  2. hi Leewan how are you? You are very good looking and I like your style a lot.

  3. I am from Myanmar. Do you know Myanmar? I watched the movie “Tree Of Heaven” and “Sweet Love”. I like you a lot . Reply me

  4. I’m really star strucked by you… You’re so handsome. You have a great acting talent. Keep it up. I watched “Tree of Heaven” twice and really can’t hold back my tears from falling. Sarang heyo Joon Suh!!!

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