[01.21.09] Half-nekkid Minho boost ratings for “BOF”


There used to be a time when a topless Song Seung Hun was more than enough to burn TV ratings through the roof. But that was so 2008.

Lee Minho, the star of the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers” is being hailed by TV critics as the ‘Surprise Star of 2009’ and it looks like their predictions are right.

Tuesday’s episode of “BOF” brought in their best rating so far with 24.8% (based on TNS Media) inching closer to “East of Eden” (26.5%). Episode 6 featured the cast vacationing in the beautiful island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

Female fans of the show gushed over Lee Minho’s “slim and muscular body” during his scenic beach-side date with Jandi (Goo Hye Sun).

It surprising how the fans have slowly warmed up to the show. The actor revealed in a recent interview that being part of a huge production like “BOF” is not easy. He admitted that after the first episode, numerous message boards were filled with harsh criticisms towards him.

But just after three weeks since its initial broadcast, the drama and cast are receiving much love from the public.

Hotness aside, I personally feel that Minho is doing a great job giving the Domyouji character a fresh twist and making it his own.

Here’s to hoping that “BOF” is not just a one hit wonder for the ‘surprise star’.

News and Photo: MSN Korea, Joynews

Credit: Seoulbeats


2 Responses to “[01.21.09] Half-nekkid Minho boost ratings for “BOF””

  1. yOu knOw wAt?
    i really lovE lEe min ho..
    hE’s cOoL!^^



  2. Lee Min-Ho is so handsome ! Urrg. And i love his body. Haha.

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