[01.21.09] We Got Married Has New Approach For Season 2

It appears that MBC We Got Married will now be adopting a new approach where each of the newly matched up couples will develop their make-believe marriage based on a given concept. This apparently started with the Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji couple whose concept was based on a college couple starting out and living on a shoestring budget. This is a total contrast to the beginning where the couples were just put together and then develop accordingly.


In an interview with PD Shim Jung Ah on the 19th, “The We Got Married New Year Special on the 25th will mark the debut of the 3 new couples who will experience the We Got Married experience for a day. We believe that this will inject some vitality to the show and make it more interesting for viewers.”

The segment where the 3 new couples will make their debut will be shown separately from the 3 existing couples in part 2 of MBC Sunday Sunday Night. According to PD Shim, the Jung Hyung Don – Tae Yeon couple is a direct replacement for the Crown J – Seo In Young couple who left last week.


As for JunJin – Lee Si Young and Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young couples, the current plan for them is that they will only appear for the New Year Special.

So what about their concepts? Jung Hyung Don – Tae Yeon will not dive immediately into their make-believe marriage. Rather, they will be starting out with making decisions about getting married and their preparations for it. It will be kind of similar to Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji beginning. Thus Hyung Don – Tae Yeon will start their We Got Married experience with a ‘Can We Get Married?’ concept. Some have pointed out that their concept is kind of obscure.

Newbie actress Lee Si Young who has had many experiences from her unique acting roles will make JunJin feel ridiculous and helpless. Their concept will be along the lines of a spin-off from a tv program called ‘I Got Married With A Weird Person’ and will be known as ‘I Got Married With A Weird Wife’.


hin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young will be based on a ‘Meeting of the 20s Idol Stars’ concept with their pairing reminding one of the Park Kyung Lim and Jo In Sung pairing in the popular sitcom of the past Nonstop Season 2.

The production team for We Got Married expressed that, starting with the New Year Special, they will aim for more interesting, varied concepts for existing and future couples on the show. This is probably their approach for Season 2.
Credit: Coolsmurf

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