[01.20.09] JYP entertainers invade Youtube


Beginning with JYP and his first youtube channel, the “dancing gorilla” has created an official channel for his lovelies, Wondergirls and 2PM. To get people to visit, the channel will be giving away a free autographed album with another little gift if you leave a comment on their official video. Already within two days, over 850 comments have been posted for the Wondergirls video and about 350 for 2PM. Fans must be crazy.

And since the Wondergirls and 2PM are trying to reach to a more global (i.e. English-speaking) audience, 2PM’s native English speakers Jaebeom, Nick Khun, and Taek busted out their “skills” for this recording, while the other members were in charge of sound effects. On the other hand, the Wondergirls also showed off their Engrish skills. However, they will need some serious improvement on their pronounciation if they are planning on debuting in the U.S. soon. If not, we’ll have another Seven, Rain, or Boa on our hands.

Check out the Wondergirls’ official clip here.

2PM’s official clip here.

Credit: Popseoul


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