[01.20.09] Girls Generation’s “American” members speak out


Tiffany, Sunny, and Jessica from Girls Generation stated in a recent broadcast of SBS PowerFM ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ that they are sick of their parents taking the “bashing” for their mistakes and hearing from the antis that they should have stayed in America.

Honestly, I agree with the netizens.

The girls are public figures and many, unfortunately, idolize them. So, they need to think before they speak. If they did, they wouldn’t have made so many stupid “mistakes” and their parents would not get bashed for raising unruly children. It’s that simple.

I pity those who are trying to debut in Korea who originate from the States with sunbaes like them leading the way. If the girls themselves cannot act appropriately and deal with both fans and antis, then they should go home back to the States and live in obscurity.

Credit: Popseoul

3 Responses to “[01.20.09] Girls Generation’s “American” members speak out”

  1. People make mistakes and they are public figures, but many people are just mean and the fact that they are trying to make it in a different country should be admired and not mocked.

  2. Personally, so many ‘stars’ make mistakes and get away with it, look at Hollywood for example, O.J. Simpson, Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton et. they basically get away with crimes that would get a normal person put in jail for a long time. Public figures have a sort of immunity but those around them do not, what they members of Girls Generation are trying to say is that they’re parent’s should not have to deal with what they themselves have done wrong. And saying that they should just go back to America is just plain mean and somewhat derogatory, no they should not go back to America and waste their talent and hard work, other parents have done worst raising children and they do not deal with what they’re parents are dealing with. So in speaking with this article you cannot say that they should just go back to the States and live in obscurity because they pressure of what they do is getting to them, we’ve all crumbled under pressure be it failing a test or paper, yet their failures and short comings are publicly displayed for all to see and laugh at while our failures are not. Lastly before you say things like this think of what they are going through with the media and how it would feel if you had to. We were not born in the public eye so we do not always know how we should behave, we all make mistakes, it takes time to learn how to be in the public eye so much and not make mistakes.

  3. . i ♥ SNSD FIGHTING !! 🙂

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