[01.17.09] Star’s Lover Is A Fashion Show

You might be getting the feeling that you are watching a fashion show playing out before your eyes while watching SBS Star’s Lover starring Choi Ji Woo and Yoo Ji Tae. According to statistics tabulated until episode 12, Choi Ji Woo has had 147 costume changes, the highest-ever in Korean drama history.


Choi Ji Woo plays Lee Ma Ri in Star’s Lover, an Asian movie star. Even though it’s on a equal footing with Kim Ha Neul and Jung Joon Ho who are also movie stars in On Air and The Last Scandal of My Life respectively, their wardrobe is uncomparable to the quantity and quality of Choi Ji Woo in Star’s Lover.

According to Choi Ji Woo’s stylist, “On the average, Choi Ji Woo has 12 costume changes per episode. The most number of costume changes is 25 in episode 2. As of now, she has had 147 different costumes after 12 episodes. According to someone at SBS, although there are no official records, the staggering amount of costume changes should be the highest-ever in Korean drama history.”

Before the conclusion of the drama at 20 episodes, it’s possible that Choi Ji Woo might have already tried out 200 over costumes for Star’s Lover.

Credit: Hanfever


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