[01.16.09] Jewelry S Coming Soon

Jewelry members Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yun will soon be debuting and do promotions as a 2-member group called Jewelry S in the coming weeks.


Star Empire released more details about the coming plans that they have for Jewelry S yesterday. The 2 youngest members of Jewelry will form a sub-group called Jewelry S with cute and sweetness as their concept theme. They will be releasing a single album and will also be filming their MV next week.

Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yun who was able to go about their solo activities concurrently with Jewelry performances last year, was very pleased with this new arrangement. They expressed, “We will be giving our best shot through our activities and show everyone our potential. We will work hard to show our unnies (Park Jung Ah, Seo In Young) that we can make it. We will show everyone a totally different side to our previous Jewelry image.”

Star Empire concluded, “Jewelry S is an idol girl group with a totally different style from SNSD and the Wonder Girls. We hope that everyone can anticipate their performance.” The other 2 members, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young will be taking a break and go about their solo activities (if any). Jewelry will reunite again for a new album after Jewelry S is done with their promotions.
Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress


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