[01.13.09] FLY TO THE SKY’S 8TH ALBUM OUT IN FEBRUARY; almost done, choosing title difficult

This is Fly To The Sky’s manager, Jang Won Bum’s message posted at the Korean fansite Heartcafe.
As he requests this be posted to other cafes, this is his update:

New Album News

As the two members could not say much about the new album due to the disorganised fan meeting, this is an update.

Although the recording is nearly finished, we are still working hard because of the selection of the title song, as it has always been.

This album’s overall concept is not centred around ballads but mostly consists of upbeat songs of Fly To The Sky’s own colour.

Of course, we are thinking of choosing an upbeat song as the title song.

We are presuming the album release will be around the second week of February.

Prior to the release, we are planning to reveal a great ballad song around the end of this month.

When it is revealed, please help it climb the live issue charts by lots of searching.

Please inform other cafes as well.

We will strive to make an amazing album that will make forget the unsatisfactory fan meeting!

– Jang Won Bum –

Credit: Heart Cafe (cafe.daum.net/FlytotheSky) & Jang Won Bum

Translation: Heavenly-sent


2 Responses to “[01.13.09] FLY TO THE SKY’S 8TH ALBUM OUT IN FEBRUARY; almost done, choosing title difficult”

  1. Great to hear about the release. I’m a big fan of FTTS. I coudln’t wait for another great piece of work by FTTS and the crew. All the best!

  2. maemodnoy Says:

    yehhhhhh……i promise to support fly to the sky……fly 2 the top of the chart .fighting!!

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