[01.15.09] Lee Min Ho Explains and Predicts His Love Scandals

Lee Min Ho who became wildly popular as Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Before Flowers revealed that he will have more love scandals in the near future.


Lee Min Ho plays the leader of the legendary F4 in the drama. Shortly after the broadcast of episode 1 on 5th January, rumours regarding him and Davichi member, Kang Min Kyung being in a relationship were circulated on the internet. He was thus a little embarrassed recently because of the rumour.

Lee Min Ho expressed, “Even before the broadcast, I have already predicted that there will be such rumours regarding Kang Min Kyung and me. Photos and KTV videos taken with her were widely discussed and spread around online. But before this drama ends, 3 others might also be involved in a scandal with me. They are Park Bo Young, Choi Eun Seo and Moon Chae Won.”


Coincidentally, all 4 are rising stars in the current Korean entertainment circle. Kang Min Kyung has maintained a very close relationship with Lee Min Ho since debuting with Davichi. Park Bo Young (Overspeed Scandal) and Moon Chae Won (Painter of the Wind) have collaborated with him in Our School E.T.

Lee Min Ho explained, “They are like ‘brothers‘ to me and I much prefer a close relationship with my good friends. I have two ex-girlfriends after 19, but none since then. I am definitely not the one who cheats (two-timer) and will not enter into a relationship very easily either. I like pure and demure girls.”

Credit: Hanfever

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  1. I am the one, you wanted so long take me !!!

  2. Haha he is my friend >>>…..

  3. shootpatak! Says:

    uhh..pure and demure??? is he for real??

  4. Lienchi Pham Says:

    Good to hear. Keep your image shine! Only dumb people try to impress, smart people just do what they do. I believe in Min Ho.

  5. peng ai xue Says:


    how r u??? hey dun do like tat i cun stay . u noe now i wanto cry .woo… hinhin…. hehe juxt kidding .i lov it hehe bie bie

  6. i’m happy for it…sana mag tagal pa sila

  7. yhurien Says:

    i like you because you cute……………….


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  16. koo hye sun Says:

    your so ugly??

  17. I hope that what you’re saying is true when it comes to a relationship…=)

  18. you’re so gwapo Lee Min Ho…hope to see you someday…!!!
    ..don’t worry,you’re still gwapo pa rin…!!kncks…143

  19. your so cute go jun pyo i like you hmmmmm….

  20. lee min ho!!! saranghe! i will go to korea just for you! im your no.fan here in the philippines!!! just to see you in personal it gaVe’s me an everlasting happiness!!! take care olweys and keep your feet on the ground!

  21. min hoo or gu jun pyo of mine!!! hehehe….olweys take care because we are here your fans in the phillipines to support you!!! were always praying for your more success in your showbiz career!!! mwaah!

  22. keep smiles n laughs. . .
    ur smile can make me fight haha. .

  23. The first time I saw u at BOF I already knew that your the 1 that I’m waiting for. That day, starts my love for u. I always dream about u. My heartbeats so fast because of you. I will do everything so that someday You and I will be together. Nothing is impossible. what I wish for is to be with you until the rest of my life. Now I believed in Love at first sight. Your right! I love u even we didn’t meet yet. Mark my words. Wait for me my love.


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  26. Your are cute but why?
    u have so many ex-girlfriend.
    I think this is not good for u.
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  30. chin bulias Says:

    baga kau mo!!!!!!!akua ra c goo jun pyo!!!…ngandoy ra mo!!!!!!!ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!hes taken na!!!!!!!!

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  34. BTW,, boys over flowers is so much better compared to meteor garden!!!!! f4 in bof are more handsome!!!!!!

  35. twilight_lover Says:

    yeah right!!!!!!!!!!! way more better than that meteor garden!!!!!!!! go go go go bof… esp. goo jun pyo and yi jeung!!!!!!!!!! your the best!!!! support yi jeung and gaeul!!!!!!!! thankzzzzzzzzzz

  36. twilight_lover Says:

    and also support twilight……… ;)) ^^

  37. I dont Care If He Is A Two Timer Or Hundred Timer I JUst Want To BE HIs FRiend girl

  38. ilove you min-ho Lee

  39. Hi . . .
    Annyeong haseyo
    wish that visit us here at the phil.
    Noted by the
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  44. gosh:)) very nice man.
    pure and demure.

    haha, i’m liking him more!
    go go minho!

  45. the_ambitous_girl Says:

    its normal to have a lot of ex girlfriend nowadays..well it’s a relief that you explain your side..AJA AJA Fighting! luv yah lee! hahaha! ur soo cute! hope we meet in person..

  46. the_ambitous_girl Says:

    its normal to have a lot of ex gf nowadays..well it’s a relief that you explain your side..AJA AJA Fighting! luv yah lee! hahaha! ur soo cute! hope we meet in person..

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  54. Lee Min Ho,,
    Guw suka bgd ma oe,,
    Baru X ney guw suka sama arti luar,yaitu oe,,
    Guw suka gaya oe waktu berperan sbg Goo Jun Pyo di Boys Before Flower,,
    Guw harap,guw bisa ketemu oe,,
    I luft u..Min Hoo
    I luft u so much..

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  62. febri-hany Says:

    ih untuk ukuran lee min ho itu cewe ga banget!!!!
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    WHATTT???????????????? OH MY GOD!!

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  70. yesin thalia Says:

    lee min hoo dateng donk ke indonesia ,w pengen banged ngeliat mka u …..

    datengnya sama pemain BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS yang lainnya ya .

  71. i don’t know what will i say.But,really i feel sorrow.
    thanks you.


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    Unfortunately,,,Lee Min Ho isn’t Go Jun Pyo,,,, hikz,,,,

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    . . hAi nakU miNho dPAt lgAwAn mUh nAh c kU hyE sUn anG gnDa nMan niA bT ayA2w mUH pAh xiA lgAwaN

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  95. i’m very jalous u know ??i love u so much but u love the girl? yyyyy????i wan know y u will like the girl?the girl no beauty and no cute also !!!she no pair with u………….ok la,watever i also will support u until i died……………bye bye my dear…..

  96. hi……….my dear !!! I LOVE YOU , TI AMO , SARANGHEYO………..

  97. sarangheyo Says:

    anyeong haseyo..
    min ho is such a very cute and handsome guy.. girls love him because of his appearance and being a very good actor..
    min ho,, i hope you’ll find the right woman for you.. just be happy.. many people loves you.. more power to your career.. im not sure lee min ho would read this.. but i hope so..
    hey, visit us in the Philippines.. Filipinos would love if you’d come here.. right lee min ho fans??!! i mean,, boys over flowers fans..(including me, of course..) if that will happen please do bring koo hye sun with you..

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    ahmn,, i’ve met some koreans who visited Philippines.. they are very nice,, even though it’s so hot here in the Philippines, they just try to communicate with me, i mean, us… so please come here in the Philippines.. if you do, im sure that you will love to come here again..
    hope lee min ho would read this.. and if you’re not lhim,,,
    nice day to you who have read this..

    gamsa hamnida!!

  99. hi!!!!!! ang gwapo niya talaga………i wish that he will visit here in Philippines so that i wiill se her personal

  100. i’m his true girLfriend………………….;p

  101. we still remain and strongly be your avid fans no matter how the bad rumors threw out to you.. keep up the good work!!! we will stay with you. mogoshipyo!! take care.

  102. don’t worry about your love………
    just to try to trust your heart and your mind……..
    don’t think very hard……..

  103. luthfi wirdah,n friends Says:

    lee min hoo i love you full…………!!!!!!!!!!!!! tolong dibales yah…………

  104. luthfi wirdah,n friends Says:

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  105. Lee Min Ho u Rock!!!! so CUTE LOve You!!!!

  106. fitri aulia Says:

    saranghae min ho !!!

  107. fitri aulia Says:


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  109. Cilla mutzZzZ... Says:

    you are sooooooooo cuteee33333333,lee min hoo
    kamiu ga kalah de333ch ma kim bum,SAMA KUAT!!!!!!!!

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  111. Shocking_shy Says:

    Min hoo is so ewwwww. His so idiot….

  112. Shocking_shy Says:

    Min hoo is so ewwwww. His so idiot…. He acts like he is cute but his not

  113. hy……Sunbae……sarang hea yoon…….please come to indonesian…..gu jun pyo………

  114. sarang hae yoon….SUNBAE….please come to indonesian…..

  115. i love you fulllllllll
    limen ho(jun pyo) kamu gnteng buangettzzzzzzzzzzz ciheeeeeeeeee

  116. dont make a scandal because it is bad sana mabasa mo ang aking text sayo jan paula ito taga philippines ako crush kita

  117. three noer Says:

    I like ferformance u

  118. i love u goo jeun pyo

  119. u r very sexy….

  120. hmmmm…i’m very sad look lee min ho with girl

  121. lee min ho…….
    i’m your fans
    i love u

  122. Lee Min Ho,, i always remember you every day,, every time….
    Because,, i love you so much..!!!
    very,, very love you Lee Min Ho….
    But,, Why..??
    you look so happy in near the girl…
    i don’t like that…!!!
    when you come to indonesia…???
    i want to look you,, and you too…
    Can you speak indonesia…???
    Do you like the girl in near you…???
    Respond it,, please Lee Min Ho…!!! Thank you…

  123. come on every one says oh Lee Min Ho your so beautiful and so cute, I love you…blablabla…and maybe even I AM THE ONE
    are you all nuts l

  124. I’M SORRY the text above this one was stupid and onsensitive i’m sorry

  125. wow baniak orang indonesia
    mamaku dari indonesia
    aku tingallan di EUROPA

  126. lee min ho semoga sukses dalam berkarir nya n’ di tingkatkan lagi prestasi di dalam perfilmnya ya……………

  127. Wee Joon Pyo Says:

    i love your act, your style, n your face so cute
    when you’ll come to indonesia,,..??
    i’ll waiting for you…

  128. woi lee min hoo……???!!!!!

    LaE kaNa aNK saMo DEn……???

    dataNK lAh KA sOloK….

    KAMI tUNGGu YO…..???

    jaN luPO KiRimaN fOTo KA Fb KAmi
    Ko fB nyO a….


    CApEK yO…???

  129. hiii……..lee min ho………how r u………..i very very very like you@gu hye su……please send my regards to f4 fans@gaeul……..

  130. kamu ko waktu kecil lucu amat

  131. this is just sweet dream if me can face to face whit him….

  132. hye….. i’m so sad rite now… please don’t fool yourself in scandal min ho uppa…

  133. Nochi aneul guh ehyo balo geudeh ni ggayo..

  134. ชอบจัง ลี มิน โฮ ~n_n~

  135. Hi ii i!! Lee min ho oo o!!

  136. Hy…………
    qu fans berat kamu
    tetep semangat yea

    aku tungguin film terbaru dari kamu

  137. i love LEE MINHO…can i have his blog URL???

  138. why LEE MINHO did not go for the Etude house event???i hope to get his signature

  139. lee min ho i hateyou … for me i think you are not handsome…. you very ugly…. if i dream see you i think is my bad dream for me…. bye boy tall

  140. cing tawi sang Says:

    hi.i like you.you are so perfect.have a beautiful wife.

  141. hi min ho! :)) you’re a good and handsome actor. keep it up! i wish that you’ll visit here in the philippines if you have time. i am such an avid fan of yours. GOD BLESS! ü hope your hollywood dreams come true. :))

  142. bye lee min hoo

  143. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!come to philippines naman!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. yaboseo!!kin channa?? chaega….

  145. luV U PuLL,hahahhaaha^

  146. I LUV SO MACH…………..LEE MIN HO

  147. i love lee……………who she is???????????she is girlfriend lee min hoo?

  148. Agung & Rifandi Says:

    akh jangar lieur

  149. ilhubit..please understand!!..asa pha kamu,kita mho kami nha nha..whahaha

  150. aiteh..[please understand]..whahaha..asa pha kamu..bal an nio akun lng na sa..whahaha

  151. hy lee min ho aku fans berat kamu loh aia nama aku dwi yuliana silvia aku di panggil silvia kamu mau liat muka aku kan makanya kamu datang ke indonesia 🙂

  152. hy lee min ho aku fans berat kamu loh oia

    nama aku dwi yuliana silvia aku di panggil silvia kamu mau liat muka aku kan makanya kamu datang ke indonesia 🙂


  154. hi lee min ho!!!!I admire u a lot… please visit here in the phillipines!! =) thnx…tc!

  155. ลีมินโฮน่ารักสูดๆๆๆ

  156. lee minho its my no.1 idol in korean actor my crush and my love sweety lolz i love you lee min ho

  157. lee its so nice guy and i think he very kind guy

  158. i hope some day i meet lee min ho in person
    ^_^ i wish

  159. ivy_chezka Says:

    i admire really admire Lee Min Ho…
    He’s extremely gorgeous…
    I would still admire him whatever happens..
    and whatever scandals may come…

    GO Lee Min HO!!!!

  160. ivy_chezka Says:

    i don’t care about scandals….
    all i care about is Lee Min Ho!!!

    GO Jun Pyo!

  161. for me its okey….we all still like you even you have a scandal

  162. hi im lee min ho girlfriend..got wat you just ask me..

  163. are you really lee min ho girl friend??

  164. min ho is so handsome,but im more like kim joon.
    because is he my inspiratiaon,sory.

  165. lee min ho…gu jun pyo or whatever!!
    all i can say is that “i LOVE YOU babyKoH!!you’re mine!!
    i will go to Korea just for you!!
    grabe,lakas ng tama ko sayo!!

  166. lee min ho….i’m erika pangan from the Philippines hope to see you soon!!muah!!!love you mybaby!!!

  167. i hope i want to see u in personal i hope f4 will arrive here in cebu

  168. here in philippines in cebu

  169. i like it when ur girlfrend is koo hye sun 🙂 and im a fan of bof 😀 …

  170. hi lee min-ho 🙂 hope to see you soon,i will always support you,keep up the good work,don’t change i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove you

  171. ,,who’s that girl Ba , LEE MIN HO saranghae-yo yongwonhi,

  172. min ho your extremely handsome

  173. ,, hey KANG MIN KYUNG your dead,

  174. Pu haba Lee Min Ho?????
    Hai beu katepu long penggemar berat gata…..
    i`m can be Crazy because you…
    Paken kah ganteng that,,,,,,,

  175. is that ur real girlfriend?? im better than her … duhh..
    i love lee min ho

  176. aulia_sweet Says:

    what are you????
    i am very like you!!!!!
    you acting is perfecly…
    you are the best for me….
    good luck….
    i love you , lee min-ho…

    from : aulia [ indonesia ]

  177. boys over flowers hit up ! the whole asia ..
    hope their will be part two ..


    LEE MIN HO ❤

  178. ….hai gu jun pyo ure my # 1 in my heart

  179. BILAT nio ;)) bullshit – ang pangit ng babae. DUH!!!!

  180. zaneeeeeeeeeeee :pp Says:

    iim better – prettier than her!

  181. Who are the your 2 ex-g.f.

  182. ihhh..gw kaget bgt ternyata lee minho punya cewek tho…
    yach gak ma q ajjah..he…he..

  183. hi,Lee Min Ho is very beautiful guy. bye bye

  184. hi lee min ho….i think that girl not good to you…if you want to go holiday or honeymoon visit malaysia….ok!!!!byew…

  185. ananya mishra Says:

    hi lee min hoo.i am from India…..i saw boys before flowers and hav become a big fan of urs……..plz kindly will u ever meet me once……im really in luv wid u.and wud lyk my boyfriend to be a korean guy……bye

  186. did i hear pure and demure girl?..u’re referring to me right?lol..just be strong! keep on entertaining people specially me..i hope to meet you soon.

  187. junu shrestha Says:

    hey ……………….

  188. i love you .
    why you go to indonesia .

  189. Min Ho .. acaso no te has dado cuenta soy yo la q estas buscandoo puesto wque soy pura y recatadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa asi como te gustaaaaaaajajajajaj

  190. olweis laB YaH

  191. a Lee mjn h00 , I luv U !!!!!!!!!!! em ju a nhiu`

  192. Hi Min Ho…Enjoy acting and don’t forget to enjoy your life as well : ) …Love your acting and SMILE….Outside beauty is not all but what’s inside the heart is the most important in any part of life…Keep up the good work and hope to see more of your dramas n movie soon..take care and best of luck…


  194. why u so hensem!!!! i really like u hmmmm…k good job.

  195. hope u have a nice night…

  196. can u go malaysia????

  197. ….leE min hoo…oh My god…you is vErY hAndsome

  198. lee min ho i’m your no 1 fan
    and i promise i will go to korea
    just yo see u sarangeul nochimbwe aik nakhicho chimma;

  199. mia asoque Says:

    lee min ho your so very ugly

  200. mia asoque Says:

    its only joke i love u

  201. lee min ho's gal Says:

    ya oppa u r soooooooooooooooo cute u alwayz come in my dream it is sooooooo damn goood hope 2 c u in person saranghe oppa ummmmhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-@

  202. aku seneng sama lee min hoo, jadi peran jun pyo keren abis.di tunggu film bbf yang ke 2 ya …….

  203. Lee min ho is so cute I can’t resist with the new F4!!!!!!!!!!

  204. Lee Min Ho I’m a BIG fan from US! I LOVE your work!

    Pleeeeease ppl, are you serious? Wanting to meet up with him in person so ya’ll can get married? hehe.. that’s just a little scary. You know men wants “pure and demure” girls in public.

    Lee Min Ho, there’s so-o many beautiful women out there… date A LOT before you settle down (in 10-20 years)!! Aja Aja!

  205. I Love You so much lee min hoo coz you look like my boyfriend!

  206. I have seen Lee Min Ho in two kdrama’s so far and he seems to be a pretty consitent actor. He tends to give off the same vibe as the role prior, but he carries it well. I feel sorry when actors (slash) actresses are put up to situations like this where there personal lives can become muddles and stressful just because people need entertainment. Poor guy.

  207. i really like lee min ho he’s such a great actor,that’s why i’m really blissful whenever i’m wathching his tv series…..love it!!!!

  208. waaa… min ho u’r so cute !!!!!

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