[01.15.09] Gook Ji Yun Gaining Attention From Boys Before Flowers

It’s highly likely that we are going to get more breakout stars once Boys Before Flowers is done. Lee Min Ho (Goo Jun Pyo) and Kim So Eun (Ga Eul) have been in the headlines recently, now it’s the turn of Gook Ji Yun, leader of the JinSunMi gang (the trio who heaps misery on Goo Hye Sun’s character, Jandi).


Gook Ji Yun graduated from Dongduk Woman’s University with a Broadcasting & Entertainment Major and has been a CF model for KT1541 calling card service, Toshiba, Koreana, Starbucks, etc. Boys Before Flowers is the 24-year old first drama under Olive9 and marks her entry in the entertainment world.

Before the drama, she had taken extensive acting classes to prepare herself for the role. Her good looks and figure have won her many fans since her drama appearance, with many visiting her Cyworld to leave her messages.



In summary, the JinSunMi gang led by Gook Ji Yun (Choi Jin Hee/Ginger), Jang Ja Yun (Park Sun Ja/Sunny) and Min Young Won (Lee Mi Sook/Miranda) are probably the prettiest trio compared to the Japan and Taiwan versions.

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress


One Response to “[01.15.09] Gook Ji Yun Gaining Attention From Boys Before Flowers”

  1. hasmincherrybrillo Says:

    i really like ginger/choi jin hee because she is so pretty

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