[01.13.09] East of Eden Might Be Extended + Hwang Jung Eum Added


According to insiders, the production for the follow-up drama My Love For You to East of Eden has been cancelled recently. If East of Eden ends as scheduled in March, there will be a gap in the lucrative Mon-Tue primetime slot. MBC has thus mooted the idea of an extension to East of Eden. But the production company are not keen for an extension because of budget constraints.

Although no agreement has been reached as yet, history have shown that there is a high possiblity that the extension might happen in the end. MBC Yisan was in the exact same situation months earlier, but in the end, the production company conpromised and the extension went ahead.

Hwang Jung Eum was also confirmed to be coming in as a replacement for Lee Da Hye’s character, Min Hye Rin who will be leaving in Episode 40 tonight.


Hwang Jung Eum, formerly with girl group Sugar and now actress will make her entry in Episode 41, starting from next Monday. She will be casted as the daughter of the chief public prosecutor and eventually gets married to Lee Dong Wook (Yun Jung Hoon). Now if you have watched Episode 40, Hye Rin’s father did suggest that if only he had let Hye Rin become a lawyer instead of a reporter (issues with the newspaper being a government propaganda tool). I would like to think that they (production) were implying that if only they had not taken the wrong step with Hye Rin’s character right from the start.

>>I stopped watching this drama but i’m still downloading it.. haha! I dunno if i’ll still watch it when the drama’s over. ^^,

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress


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