[01.13.09] Boys Before Flowers Slammed For Absurd CG

Even as Boys Before Flowers obtained its highest rating last night, the amount of absurd looking CG (computer graphics) used were slammed by viewers.


In Episode 3 shown last night, the amount of absurd CG used were at its highest level. The fake ducks swimming in the pool, the fake snowflakes falling while Ji Ho (Kim Hyun Joong) was playing the violin, etc, it could be seen easily at first glance that it was created using CG of the lowest quality.

Viewers flooded the message board of the official website, slamming the use of the absurd looking CG effects. Some expressed, “I thought I was watching a drama in the 90s. If the use of a model helicopter instead of a real helicopter in the opening episode was to save on budget, I understand. But there was actually no real purpose in applying CG effects to the scenes for yesterday’s episode. It really spoiled the overall scene. I really can’t understand what the director is thinking of doing by applying CG effects to those scenes.”

Some also said, “Can’t believe that those CG effects were actually created using video techniques in this HD (high definition) era. Although the storyline and acting were excellent, but the crude CG effects really spoiled the overall viewing experience. It will really be a joke when this is viewed in other countries.”

On the ratings front though, KBS must be really pleased that Boys Before Flowers has already cleared the 20% mark in Episode 3, achieving 20.8% according to TNS Media. Most pointed out that because it’s vacation time for students in Korea, so more student fans are turning in to Boys Before Flowers on tv. Although MBC East of Eden still leads with 25.7%, the gap between them is gradually narrowing which was quite unthinkable from the start.

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress


3 Responses to “[01.13.09] Boys Before Flowers Slammed For Absurd CG”

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