[01.01.09] Kim HyunJoong story “Misery” version became popular


Recently at recording of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ special in SangSangPlus, Kim HyunJoong revealed the story of his debut as a writer during SS501’s activities in Japan.

Kim HyunJoong said “During the time when we were having activities in Japan, I was feeling bored one day in our dorm and I started writing story and upload it on the internet. From then onwards, I was known as Author Kim by the fans.”

Regarding the contents of the story that he has written himself, he said arousing loud laughter from the other guest, “Our member Jungmin being a fanatic fan who likes me, but I am a famous artiste who is not able to accept him.”

Kim HyunJoong continued saying about the bizarre contents, “It is about how Jungmin confined me in a 10-over meters pit and kept me.”

Kim HyunJoong revealed one absurd incident. For the fun of his internet novel contents, Kim HyunJoong wrote a note “JungMin-ah, I am thankful for your love but I can’t accept that.” And put it into JungMin’s bag, but the note was discovered by the Japan staff who misunderstood them.

Kim HyunJoong also talked frankly about his first kiss scene on this day. Kim HyunJoong revealed “I had the experience of filming for kiss scene in a sitcom previously. At that time, I was troubled for some time whether to do the real kiss (like really touching the lips) or just acting as if I am kissing (probably means using angle to feel like they’re kissing).”

With totally no understanding regarding kiss scene, Kim HyunJoong said he startled the other actors “Troubled for some time, I asked the director ‘Director, do I have to put my tongue in too?’”

Kim HyunJoong revealed that he is able to finish the kiss scene in ‘Boys over flowers’ with the help(?) of Goo HyeSun, which aroused the curiosity of the others.

Kim HyunJoong’s talk about his debut as writer will be broadcasted on 13-Jan.
>>Hyun Joong made me laugh with what he said about his kissing scene… it proves how innocent and funny he is. ^_^

Credits : SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


5 Responses to “[01.01.09] Kim HyunJoong story “Misery” version became popular”

  1. yo tong saeng, didn’t know you posted ‘misery’ too… my fave fanfic ahahaha XDDD
    i still laugh everytime i think of it xp

    ps. anu bang pic ni hyunjoongie yan? hair reminds me of a song calling for you (remix) mv pero bakit may bibe?! haha… yan ba yung nilagay ni junpyo sa swimming pool? LOL pasensha na, bored dito sa office!

  2. hahaha! oo nga di ko naisip yun ah.. parang yan nga yung nasa swimming pool na linagay ni junpyo, LOL! ^^,
    Yung photoshoot na yan yung nageendorse sya ng converse.. hehe!

  3. Hi there~
    Just wondering if you’ve gotten permission to post the diary entries.
    As per our rules, diary entries are not to be taken out of Quainte501.com unless you’ve received special permission.
    News translations can be taken out freely with full credits (which you’ve done so, Thank you~)

  4. Altingul Says:

    желаю вам всего самого лучшего что есть на этом белом свете!!!!!!!!!

  5. hola kim tu eres el mas hermoso de corea poreso todo mi celular tengo lleno de fotos tuyas todas las novelas que has echo y tus canciones y eres el mas hermoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooso de corea

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