[12.08.08] Han Ye Seul Says Sorry For Leaving During Awards Ceremony

There had been an uproar over Han Ye Seul sudden departure in the midst of the 7th Korean Film Awards last Thursday (4th December) for which she gave an official apology today. During the 7th Korean Film Awards, Han Ye Seul left the awards ceremony after the first half, leading to widespread speculation that the reason was because she didn’t win the Best New Actress award.


Han Ye Seul posted on her Cyworld minihompy today with the heading, words that I would like to say to my fans. “Sorry for disappointing everyone at the last movie festival of 2008, Korean Film Awards. I am also hurting because I made a really big mistake. After wrapping up filming for Tazza, my schedule has been really jam packed with activities. Frankly, I am very tired. When I thought of the fact that I had an interview to do after the awards ceremony, I decided to make a move first. Thinking back, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.”

She added, “I was worried that the winner of the Best New Actress, Seo Woo (Crush and Blush) might have some misgivings about me. I hope that everyone can be gracious towards me who is still learning and not being tactful enough. I will be more careful and patient in future, please continue to support me.

Han Ye Seul also thanked someone who had helped her, “Before the announcement of the Best New Actress, Kim Yun Jin sunbaenim held my hands tightly (helping to dispel her nervousness). She is very talented. I really respect her from the bottom of my heart because she is so kind and thoughtful.”
Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress

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