[12.08.08] Fin.K.L Reunion at Lee Hyori Solo Concert

Fin.K.L, one of the most popular girl groups at its peak will be reuniting for the first time on stage in 3 years at Lee Hyori’s solo concert on 20th December.


Lee Hyori posted on her fan cafe today revealing that Ock Ju Hyun, Sung Yuri and Lee Jin would be at her solo concert. Hyori expressed, “Even though it tends to get busy towards the end of year, I still asked them to appear at my concert even though I was feeling quite apologetic about it. But I never expected them to agree so quickly so I am very grateful to them.”

Since releasing their last single Forever Fin.K.L in October 2005, they have been going about their solo careers. But Fin.K.L’s popularity has never showed any signs of waning even now and have been voted by many who would love to see them reunite once again as a group. With Big Bang already confirmed to perform with Lee Hyori at her concert, the addition of Fin.K.L promises to be an extra bonus with the gathering of the most popular singers in one location.

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress

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