[12.07.08] Netizens and Fans Protest Against Park Shin Yang Drama Ban

Simple explanation of the whole mess: Park Shin Yang was banned by the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association last Friday from Korean dramas in the future. This after they claimed that the unpaid wages claimed by Park Shin Yang for his work in War of Money was too high


Fans and netizens have been voicing their displeasure on the internet in the aftermath of this whole fiasco, “Is it a sin to take legal action for not adhering to the terms of the contact? This is not a fair and just decision.”

Park Shin Yang has no doubt been hit hard by this decision. His acting in Painter of The Wind as Kim Hong Do was questioned by critics and the lacklustre tv ratings also meant that it did not achieve what was expected of the drama beforehand from many. And now, Park Shin Yang has been “punished” by the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association despite claiming his unpaid wages in a legal manner. It’s understood that Park Shin Yang flew to America to reunite with his family after wrapping up filming for Painter of the Wind, giving the customary post-drama celebratory party a miss.

But with regards to Bae Yong Joon receiving in excess of 200 million won per episode for Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, the association expressed, “Bae Yong Joon wields a lot of influence which led to many foreign investors investing their money in the drama. In addition, the drama was a big project that was aimed at the overseas market. There was also no issues between the production company and cast, so you can’t lump the both of them together.”

The association has 30-odd members including Samhwa Production, Kim Jong Hyuk Production, Chorokbaem Media, Olive9, Pan Entertainment, etc.

Industry critics felt that the harsh “punishment” meted out to an established A-lister like Park Shin Yang was to make him as an example of implementing a salary wage cap on stars. With hallyu stars like Kwon Sang Woo, Song Seung Hun lowering their wages recently and Park Shin Yang being frozen out now, the days of earning big money from acting looks to be a thing of the past.

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress


2 Responses to “[12.07.08] Netizens and Fans Protest Against Park Shin Yang Drama Ban”

  1. Evelyn Labaado Says:

    hi,im not affected bout those news againts park shin-yang.just wanna express myself that im so amazed of this man.since from ‘Lovers in Paris’ until now the ‘Money War’.i wish i got a chance 2 say hi to him.even just in a phone.please help me.that would be my christmas wish.thank you very much.(+639283275441)

  2. Hello koala41 and fans,

    Please review and decide if you want to join force on helping to lift ban for PSY:



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