[12.07.08] Chae Rim Adopts a 6-year-old Orphan


Actress Chae Rim becomes the mum of a 6-year-old orphan in China.

In a special program by ETN, Chae Rim adopts this child who has lost both his parents and also his grandparents. Recently, she made her way to China to visit this child, bringing him warmth and also necessities required to endure the cold winter


To fulfill her responsibility as a mother, Chae Rim swept the floor, washed the clothes and even prepared traditional Korean food for him within the limited time that she had. Although their time together was short, she gave the child the motherly love that he had been missing for a longtime. During their departure, many onlookers even dropped their tears as they were touched by the scene.


This special program will be shown tomorrow night (8th) at 6pm through ETN cultural channel.

Chae Rim is such a compassionate person. But I hope it is not a one-off event for the program and she will continue to visit the child given the time.

Source: mydaily, empas

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