[12.03.08] Han Ji Min is Actively Learning North Korean Language


now actively learning North Korean language and building up her body in preparation.

In “Cain and Abel”, Han Ji Min will play as a North Korean woman, Oh Ji Young, who has escaped to the South. In order to make her acting more realistic, she has spent 3.5 hours everyday just to practice her pronunciation (North Korean). She also spent the same amount of time doing Pilates everyday, bringing her total hours practicing up to 7 hours.

A close friend of Han Ji Min said: “Everyone thought that her health isn’t really in good condition after she met with a traffic accident while filming ‘Wolf’. But this is not true. She has a very good stamina and can do intensive trainings everyday.”

Through her high rating drama “Yi San” this year, Han Ji Min has won the recognition from viewers once again. After she finished her filming, she went over to Australia to accompany her sister for around 1.5 months before flying directly to Paris for a fashion show.

“Cain and Abel” is currently doing overseas shooting in China and Han Ji Min will set off to join the team today.

Source: Sports Chosun


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