[11.26.08] Lee Joon Ki to Play a Hero Yet Again?


It has been reported that Lee Joon Ki will play the leading role in SBS’s special weekend drama “Strange Heroes”, following his “Robin Hood role” in SBS’s “Iljimae” that just ended not too long ago. “Strange Heroes” is a new drama by Jeon Ki Young who also wrote “Crazy for You”.

Lee Joon Ki will play a man who possesses extraordinary talent and succeeds in whatever he does. But after the death of his lover, he lost his motivation to live on and wallows himself in degeneration. However, he eventually wakes up from his sorrow and decides to help the poor and fight for the weaker class of the society.

According to news, after Lee Joon Ki confirmed his participation in the drama, he has spent time discussing the plots with the writer everyday.

Lee Joon Ki expressed: “In order to let viewers see a new me, I’m very particular when it comes to selecting scripts. However, once I saw the script of ‘Strange Heroes’, I was attracted by the role and therefore I agreed immediately without much consideration.”

The production company said: “In the past, we usually had the writers to finish their scripts first before selecting the cast. However, this time round Lee Joon Ki has joined the team in the pre-production stage before the script is even out. We believed that this will increase the overall quality of the drama. If nothing goes wrong, the drama will air beginning April next year.”

Once bitten, twice shy. I don’t know how confirmed is this news as previously there were news on him taking “The story of men”. But that drama has been confirmed to be played by Park Yong Ha. Well maybe this time it is really confirmed for Lee Joon Ki?

Source: Mydaily

One Response to “[11.26.08] Lee Joon Ki to Play a Hero Yet Again?”

  1. u ar so cute….
    mix boy+girl… hahaha…
    whatever,i luv to watch ur dramas
    iljimae sshi

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