[11.20.08]Hyun Bin Receives Praises for His Natural Acting


The World They They Live In” is a “self-contradicting” drama. Despite putting the focus of the drama on the glamorous entertainment industry, in the end we have to return to the beginning, to describe the life of the actors, producers and screenwriters whereby it is not that different from the common folks in reality. Hyun Bin who plays as PD Jung Ji Oh in the drama, has received praises for his “natural acting” and excellent portrayal of his ordinary yet unique role.

From his expressions, voices and actions, we can see that Hyun Bin successfully portrays an ordinary person. There is absolutely no sign of any “idol drama” in the making.

“If I wish to portray an ordinary Korean guy in his 20s-30s, then my character cannot be too prominent.”

When the reporter met Hyun Bin in the office on the 17 afternoon, he still look like an ordinary young adult.

He complained: “Whenever I receive the scripts, I would feel that its ‘game over’ for me. (laughs). I have to display different kind of feelings within a single sentence. And sometimes the lines doesn’t really fit into the atmosphere. For example, sometimes I have to drop my tears when making a rhetoric speech. I have to control the extent very carefully so as not to overdo or under-do it. Although I’m very tired now, but after I have finished the shooting, I can probably discover how much I have changed.”

During his career path, Hyun Bin is “lucky” to always gain the liking from writers renowned for their extraordinary literacy. First we have Im Jung Ok (Ireland), followed by Kim Do Woo (My Lovely Samsoon) and then Noh Hee Kyung. Hyun Bin said: “I was very stressed when filming ‘Ireland’ in the past. I got more and more tired and even till the extent of questioning myself ‘what am I doing here’.”

“My Lovely Samsoon”, with a viewership ratings of over 50% is the drama that sprung Hyun Bin to popularity. Hyun Bin wishes to be a “true actor” and not a “very popular artiste”. He said: “I know that I would probably never see that kind of ratings again. Although ‘The World They Live In’ is on the low side of 5%, but its alright.”

When asked about isn’t Kim Sun Ah the one who made “My Lovely Samsoon” popular, Hyun Bin laughed and replied: “Of course, the project belonged to ‘Kim Sam Soon’. If I had tried to surpass her and make more viewers like me, then I probably wouldn’t achieve such a good result.”

In “The World They Live In”, Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo play as a couple. He said: “Song Hye Kyo and I became close in a relatively short span compared to other projects. The reason is because we had kiss and hug scenes two to three times every episode. Whereas for the other dramas, they usually had only 2-3 episodes containing these scenes at the most.”

In response to the criticisms that Song Hye Kyo received on the internet, Hyun Bin said: “I totally couldn’t understand why she would be criticised. Nevertheless, this incident has definitely hurt Song Hye Kyo greatly, but she didn’t display it during shooting. Instead, she worked even harder and I’m very grateful towards her.”

Hyun Bin’s initial dream was to become a policeman but after entering the acting class and gradually influenced by the art of acting, he began his acting career during his varsity days. He didn’t enter the industry being spotted by star scouts on the street. In 2002, he passed the interview and shot for his maiden movie “Shower”. In that movie, he successfully portrayed a man who sold one of this eyes and spent all the money he had received from the sale.

Hyun Bin expressed: “I would like to attempt roles that I have never tried before. I don’t know how it would be like to have a split personality.”

Source: Chosun


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