Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon and Seo Do Young in TV adapation of Korean movie Friend

The cast for the tv adapation of Korean movie Friend has been decided and it is a stellar cast comprising of Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon and Seo Do Young.


The tv adapation of the classic movie Friend has been renamed as Friend, The Untold Story in the planning stage. Just like the movie, the drama will still be directed by Kwak Kyung Taek but with a totally different main cast.

The movie Friend directed by Kwak Kyung Taek was a big success at the box office when it aired back then and became a cult classic in Korean movie history. Jang Dong Gun also managed to establish himself as an actor with ability through this movie, having mostly been in romantic comedies before that.

After Hyun Bin and Kim Min Joon were confirmed for the movie earlier, Seo Do Young also announced his participation recently and will play the university student, Sang Taek. Director Kwak Kyung Taek expressed that he had been taking an interest in Seo Do Young since his Spring Waltz days and had hoped to work with him. As the story takes place in Pusan, Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon, Seo Do Young, etc are now learning to speak the Pusan dialect. Seo Do Young has even gone to his sunbae, Kim Tae Woo whose hometown is Pusan for help.

Friend is a film that follows the lives of four childhood friends who was born in Pusan in the 70s. They grew up together from young and became inseparable. It’s a story that leans heavily towards male viewers with topics revolving around friendship, loyalty, betrayal and childhood memories. The 20 episode drama will greet viewers next year but the tv station has not been determined yet. And with this being in the early stages, anything could happen.
Credit: Coolsmurf


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  2. Wow, this article is good, my sister is analyzing such things, therefore I am going to tell her.

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