[11.18.08]Kim So Eun as Kim Bum’s Lover in ‘Boys Before Flowers’


Actress Kim So Eun, also given the nickname of “Little Ha Ji Won”, has been confirmed a role in the upcoming “Boys Before Flowers“, playing as Goo Hye Sun’s friend Ga Eul.

As Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun)’s friend, Ga Eul has a very different personality from her. She is a very feminine character unlike the sporty, energetic and optimistic Jan Di. But whenever Jan Di is met with any trouble, Ga Eul will always be beside her, giving her ideas like an experienced adult. She will also be having a love relationship with Kim Bum in the drama.

Kim So Eun debut in 2005 on drama “Sisters of the Sea”, followed by drama like “Sad Love Song” and movie “Fly, Daddy, Fly”. Apart from KBS’s “Boys Before Flowers”, she will also be participating in “Empress Chun Chu” scheduled to air in early 2009.

Credit: Hanfever


3 Responses to “[11.18.08]Kim So Eun as Kim Bum’s Lover in ‘Boys Before Flowers’”

  1. hi..nice 2 see u!!

  2. dela victoria Says:

    So Eun is very beautifull!!
    agree with kim Bum ?!..

  3. kim beom's gal Says:

    hey girl u r sooooo amazing plz b a real girlfren of kim beom plzzzzzzzzzzz sarangheyo:-)

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