T.O.P. and Lee Hyori Kiss at 2008 MKMF Continues to Dominate Headlines

The news, pictures and comments just keep coming. 2 days after the conclusion of the 2008 Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF), amidst all the special performances and awards, the highlight of Big Bang member T.O.P. locking lips with sexy diva Lee Hyori continued to dominate headlines in Korea.


At the 2008 MKMF which was broadcast live in Korea, Japan and China on Saturday, millions saw T.O.P. kissing Lee Hyori on the lips while performing a special stage of Lie. Viewers who watched the somewhat unexpected scene playing out before their eyes commented on the internet, “Did they really kiss?”, “Was this planned beforehand?”, showing how surprised they were.

Hyori was standing the middle of the stage as T.O.P. circled around her before going to her. He then seem to be attempting a kiss on her forehead.


A sigh of relief for VIPs as he turned his head, smiling at the crowd.


Gasps and shouts as T.O.P. suddenly kisses Hyori on the lips.


YG Entertainment explained the kiss, “The kissing scene that you see in the special stage was arranged upon the request of the MKMF organizers, Mnet. It was just an effect for the stage. It was prepared beforehand with ample notification for both parties who exchanged ideas on how to accomplish this.Please don’t think otherwise and treat this as a nice surprise.” T.O.P. and Hyori kiss scene has thus been the most searched term this few days.

>> Until now… i’m still in shock after watching this performance..

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress

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