Shin Hyun Joon Gets Cameo Role in Star’s Lover Upon Choi Ji Woo’s Invite

Shin Hyun Joon will make a cameo appearance in SBS Star’s Lover, playing the son of a departmental store tycoon that tries to woo Choi Ji Woo’s character.


Shin Hyun Joon’s cameo Star’s Lover was made possible upon the invitation of Choi Ji Woo with whom he has acted with in Stairway to Heaven a couple of years back. In the drama, Shin Hyun Joon’s character books the whole department store for Lee Ma Ri (Choi Ji Woo) in order to woo her.

But Lee Ma Ri ignores him and he is later chased out of his family by his tycoon father for affecting the business. He is basically playing a “tragic” role again but without dying. Although the scenes amounted to only a few minutes, it took him the whole day to film the scenes on the 15th that saw him travel between Incheon International Airport and the departmental store.


Choi Ji Woo felt really apologetic to Shin Hyun Joon for taking up his time for the day and expressed she will find a opportunity to thank him for this efforts. Star’s Lover will debut on SBS after Painter of the Wind finishes.

Credit: Hanfever


One Response to “Shin Hyun Joon Gets Cameo Role in Star’s Lover Upon Choi Ji Woo’s Invite”

  1. I’m getting real excited about this drama. This will be a great drama with a good casts & good storyline. This is Shin Hyun Joon’s 5th collaboration with Choi Ji Woo. They collaborated in Stairway to Heaven, Rondo, Shadowless Sword (Ji Woo’s cameo appearance) & For Your Soul (a MV).

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