[11.17.08] ‘Cain and Abel’ Begins Its First Filming


Last acted in drama “Sorry I Love You” back in 2004, So Ji Sub will be returning to the drama scene with the upcoming “Cain and Abel“. “Cain and Abel” had previously encountered much issues on its cast selection and investment problems but the drama is now underway with its maiden filming that took place yesterday, 16th Nov at Korea University in Seoul.

So Ji Sub arrived at the filming ground early in the morning and the entire shooting proceed smoothly with almost no NG at all. The doctor consultant from the hospital gave So Ji Sub a very high rating on his acting and said: “His acting skill is so superb that during the surgery scene, I feel that he is even more skilled than some of the doctors.”


During the filming, fans from all over gathered beside and kept waving to So Ji Sub. Apart from his loyal fans, patients and their family members were also among the crowd wanting to catch a glimpse at this superstar.

“Cain and Abel” casting So Ji Sub, Han Ji Min, Shin Hyun Joon, Chae Jung Ahn, is scheduled to air in February 2009 and is directed by PD Kim Hyeong Sik who rose to star director status due to his drama “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee” last year. The drama consists of 20 episode and boasts a production budget of 7.5billion Korean won, easily the most anticipated Korean drama of 1st half 2009.

PD Kim Hyeong Sik said: “The theme of the drama isn’t on the hospital but is more towards the rivalry between the two brothers and the love stories surrounding them.”

The crews will also go to China for a 3 weeks overseas filming beginning 22nd November and will be returning in mid December.

Credit: Hanfever


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