Rounding out the Boys Before Flowers cast


Kim So-eun (Yuki), Lee Shi-young (Sakurako)

So, with the main characters all lined up (the boy-men of Flower Four, main character Makino, beautiful model Shizuka, and tough older sister Tsubaki), now it’s time to turn our attentions to the rest.

Gu Hye-sun’s (Makino) character’s best friend Ga-eul (meaning Autumn; Yuki in the manga) is 19-year-old new actress Kim So-eun — and yes, she will share a “fresh” and “dramatic” storyline with Kim Bum’s Soujiro (er, So Yi-jung).

Sakurako will be taken on by 24-year-old Lee Shi-young, who recently drew attention for her role as Yeon-hwa in the sageuk drama Kingdom of the Wind. I haven’t seen her act, but she definitely looks the part — fresh and innocent on the outside, but potentially “I will cut you” on the inside. Her character’s name is Oh Min-ji.


The Geum Family

Of particular note are the members of main character Jan-di’s family. (By the way, it does appear that Gu’s character name has been changed from Yeon-woo to Jan-di, which means grass.)

First you have her father, played by actor Ahn Seok-hwan, now in his fourth drama collaboration with director Jeon Ki-sang. You probably recognize him as Jae Hee’s dad from Delightful Girl Chun-hyang and Witch Amusement, or from My Girl, or as the China-phile (is that a word?) minister in Hong Gil Dong. The dad operates a dry-cleaning store and the Geum family is staunchly middle-class (though closer to the lower end).

Mom is gonna get some Goong comparisons, since she’ll be played by Im Ye-jin, who played Yoon Eun-hye’s mom in that drama (which is funny since the Japanese Hanadan mom always reminded me of her).

Jan-di’s little bro is a precocious computer geek played by 13-year-old Park Ji-bin (My Man’s Woman, Yi San). (Sorry, that picture is probably a year or two old.)

The Mean Girls

Now that our big names have been doled out among the main cast, there are some new faces mixed in with the rest of the cast. These tertiary characters have been cast on the basis of their closeness to the original manga characters, as well as their ability to mesh well the principals.

The three mean girls at school who torment Jan-di (named Jin-hee, Seon-ja, Mi-sook) will be played by the trio above. From left to right, they are Kook Ji-yeon (who reminds me of Bin), Jang Ja-yeon, and Min Young-won (put on some clothes, woman).

Kook is a 24-year-old model, Jang is a 26-year-old model, and Min is an actress of indeterminate age who’s done an episode of Drama City and had a role in a 2003 drama Twenty Years Old.

Jan-di and Ga-eul work in a joohk (rice porridge) restaurant run by Kim Ki-bang (Lovers, Thank You, New Heart), at right. His role is a comic one, as his character believes he receives messages from aliens.

The drama began filming on November 5, and will travel abroad for its overseas shoots sometime mid-month. The 24-episode drama premieres at the end of December on KBS.

Here we have Jan-di (Gu Hye-sun) on her bike, and Jun-pyo (Lee Min-ho) sporting Tsukasa’s famous permed hair:


Boy, does he look the part! Kim Hyun-joong gives his Ji-hoo character Rui’s soft touch:


Kim Bum as So Yi-jung (Soujiro):


Kim Joon as Woo-bin (Akira):


Below, Ji-hoo parts with Han Chae-young’s glamorous character at the airport:

a1 a2

This time Ji-hoo talks with Jan-di while the rest of F4 wait nearby:

a4 a5
These may be hard to make out, but they are of Gu Hye-sun in her high school uniform. The Korean student who posted these on her blog today (Nov. 13) explains that she’d arrived at school in Daegu to find buses bearing the title “Boys Before Flowers” on the side. She texted her friends and took phone-cam photos while Gu Hye-sun shot her scene. Crew members joked that her uniform was obviously fake (re: the short length). The blogger said Gu was adorable and pretty, but her makeup was way too white.

Lee Min-ho wears the perm well, imo. The blogger who took the photos points out that the sunglassed and hatted man in the first pic is Director Jeon. Apparently Lee had come out to watch them shooting a scene he wasn’t in (allowing fans a closer look than expected), and the director eventually reminded him, “I told you not to come out before I called you.”


Credit: Free Zone News & Dramabeans


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  1. junsungmin Says:

    more!! more !! I need more stories on them!!….
    Haha Just watch Hana Yori Dango in cinema last two weeks.. (they just show it here.. I know lame…>_<)

  2. GAH. thank you so much. i’ve been looking forward to the first onset photos. domyouji isn’t so bad as i imagined it. hyesun is adorable as always:)

  3. this was AWESOME to know….>.<

  4. HAAAHAA. they were all great! hoping for season two. they’re actually famous not just in korea but in other asian countries as well. especially here in the PHiLLiPiNES. kim bum. i heart you!

  5. dela victoria Says:

    wowww!! min ho is handsome?!
    ah? nonono! kim joon! yeah!! ^_^

  6. min hoo is very hansome,,,,,iwih i see him!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. wishing for season two:)

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