Random Hyun Joong & Hwangbo news… ^^


1) Hwang Bo was recently awarded Best Dance Singer at the Korean Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony held on the 12th. (Chukahae Hwangbo! ^^)


2) Hyun Joong will be releasing a photobook with the rest of the SS boys, titled Photo501. This photobook will include pictures of him in WGM (Jeju Island and convenience store photos while he was filming as well).

(I saw some of the pics from this photobook *drools on the pics* and after seeing it i wanna buy a copy, hehe!)


3) In a recent interview, Hwang Bo said these things in relation to WGM and her thoughts of marriage:

– She never thought that they would have received so much love and affection from the viewers as they were initially thought to be not well matched with each other.

– The her you see in the program is the real her, although what she does is not 100% of what she she would do for her real husband.

– She can be so natural in the program because there are no scripts involved, everything is spontaneous.

– She said that there was no woman in the world who would reject a good looking, younger man who treated her well. Hyun Joong is also close to her ideal man as she has always liked guys who were blunt towards her in front of others but treated her well when they were together. She said that at first she couldn’t feel that way but as time passed she thought that he was close to her ideal man. (Totally agree with what Hwangbo said.. who could resist a cute, sweet, straight-forward & thoughtful husband like Hyun Joong, hahaha!)

– She wants to get married at age 35 now. ( She used to say she wanted to get married at like age 32.)
Credit: Empas News, Kuki News, All Seoul’d Out


10 Responses to “Random Hyun Joong & Hwangbo news… ^^”

  1. Edward Wong Says:

    Just happened to view your website and saw the comments made by hwang-buin. I admit myself as one of the crazy Ssangchu Couple. When she made the last comment about she will get married at the age of 35, was she dropping hints to the public? hmm..cuz hyun joong will be the right time to get married too at that time (Korea guys usually get married around 30s). hahaha…just my selfish thought. 😀

  2. Wow..thanks for this website. I read Hwangbo interview and I felt really good that she said Hyun Joong is close to her ideal man.Really hope they will be a real couple.


  3. savitree Says:

    so cute

  4. thank for your wbsite,…
    I really think they can make perfect couple…

    bit if it’s not
    I hope the hava happy love life in the future..

    Aza aza fighting for hwang bo and Hyung Joong

  5. so happy when Hwang Bo said that ” She can be so natural in the program because there are no scripts involved, everything is spontaneous.”

    its so good new for all Joongboers! WGM is not be scripted

  6. tam tahiland Says:

    love love joong bo

  7. tam tahiland Says:

    merry X’mas hwang bo

  8. Joongbo couple… Go get marrY in real life and have wonderful kids. ❤

  9. Hey anyone pls say are there any news about Hwangbo & hyun joong met recently?? (in a concert/award ceremony/ any where)

  10. still remember the lovely moments of Lettuce couple….

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