Kim Myung Min Gives Expensive Grape Wine to Team


Owing to a splendid performance in “Beethoven Virus” as conductor Kang, Kim Myung Min’s popularity has risen significantly over the past weeks, setting off a “Kang Mae Ee” trend. But despite being a popular star, Kim Myung Min is in reality a very amicable person and usually does his things personally. Apart from giving gifts such as sports shoes and electric toothbrush, recently he also gave a bottle of expensive grape wine to the team.

Kim Myung Min is a known grape wine fanatic and this time round he gave away his personal collection, a bottle of grape wine from Château Mouton Rothschild. This bottle of wine has appeared several times in the drama so far. As Kim Myung Min wished to share the wine with the team, he gave the bottle of grape wine as a farewell gift.

Kim Myung Min couldn’t hide his “reluctance” and said: “The team must be drained out with the hectic filming schedule of the drama. I really wish to thank them for their perserverance in creating a relaxed atmosphere for the actors and actresses despite the poor conditions. I felt excited whenever I’m portraying this weird, unique but passionate and cute at times conductor Kang.”

The final episode of “Beethoven Virus” will be shown tonight (12th Nov) with a special episode on the 13th.
Credit: Chosun & Hanfever


4 Responses to “Kim Myung Min Gives Expensive Grape Wine to Team”

  1. He seems like a really sweet person!
    Gotta love himmm!

  2. i wish to recieve a gift from him too….

  3. !!! u r so cool!!! ><

  4. I just woke up and this is the first post I came across while sucking down my morning joe. What an eye-opener!

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