Han Hye Jin’s ‘Terroir’ to Be Broadcast Instead of ‘Lord of Study’


Due to a halt in the production of “Lord of Study“, SBS has announced today (7th Nov) that the drama “Terroir“, which revolves around the process of grapewine production, is set to air on the 1st of December, replacing “Tazza”.

Lord of Study” has created some buzz awhile back because of the casting of Oh Ji Ho, Park Ye Jin and FT Island member Lee Hong Ki in the drama. Now that the production has been stopped without a clear reason, “Terroir” is moved forward to replace it.

As “Terroir” is the returning project for Kim Joo Hyuk and Han Hye Jin, it has also garnered the attentions of viewers ever since its initial announcement. In “Jumong”, Han Hye Jin played a tough and brave Soh Suh No, which left viewers a deep impression. But in the upcoming “Terroir”, she will be playing as Lee Woo Joo, a female winemaker with a cheerful personality and also has an extraordinary sentivity towards smell. Actress Yoo Sun will be playing as the lover in Kang Tae Myung’s (Kim Joo Hyuk) memory.

The backdrop of “Terroir” is staged in a grapewine restaurant named Terroir. Through the conflicts, love relationships and dreams of the main casts, the drama is set to provide insights into the history and tradition of grapewine production.

“Terroir” boasts a mega-production cost of 6 billion won and is the result of over 2 years of preparations.

Credit: Hanfever


One Response to “Han Hye Jin’s ‘Terroir’ to Be Broadcast Instead of ‘Lord of Study’”

  1. ….. It means they cancel “Lord of Study”???? Oh my gosh… i want to see HOng Gi on TV drama!!!

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