‘Frozen Flower’ Production Stills Revealed


The movie “Frozen Flower” casting Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Sung and Song Ji Hyo has been confirmed to open on the 30th of December as the last Korean production of the year and some production stills were also revealed today.

Jo In Sung is still good looking even in a Korean ancient outfit. ^^ Looking forward to this movie.

“Frozen Flower” is Jo In Sung’s first period movie and an adaptation of ancient literature regarding the love and betrayal between the king of Goryeo, his chief guard and his beautiful princess. Jo In Sung plays as the chief guard, Joo Jin Mo as the king of Goryeo and Song Ji Hyo as the Yuan dynasty princess married to the king.

The representative of the production company expressed: “Movies like ‘Chaser’, ‘The good, The Bad, The Weird’ and ‘Movie is Movie’ has ruled this year’s box office. We believed that ‘Frozen Flower’ which also talks about the showdown between men will be able to achieve box office success.”


Credit: My Daily & Hanfever


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