Kim Dong Wan – [Single] Promise


With a career spanning ten years, Kim Dong Wan has won the hearts of music lovers as part of the boy band Shinhwa and as a solo act. His new single release Promise arrives shortly before his obligatory military service. The highly anticipated title song Promise (Track 2) is a moving duet ballad with talented female singer Younha that talks about the feelings of a couple before bidding each other farewell. The melancholic number “Don’t Forget” (Track 3) features Kim’s harmonic vocals accompanied by the sound of piano in the background. As a way to say thank you to his numerous fans, Kim has also added a farewell narration on Promise.

Kim Dong Wan – Promise
Release Date: November 4, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop
Artist: Male

Track List/Download Links:
01. intro
02. 약속 (Promise) (duet with Younha)
03. 못잊어 (Don’t Forget)
04. 약속 inst
>> I love his new song.. i’m listening to it right now again and again.. ^^,

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