East of Eden Shin Family Candid Photos Gains Popularity

Park Hae Jin revealed that the much-talked about candid photos of the Shin Family (East of Eden) will continue to be posted on Han Ji Hye’s Cyworld.

Park Hae Jin told reporters, “Jo Min Ki, Han Ji Hye, Lee Da Hae have agreed to upload new photos weekly.” Candid photos of the Shin family from MBC Mon-Tue drama East of Eden off-screen have been much talked about among netizens because of the sharp contrast in moods on and off camera.

Hae Jin said, “Actually, the pictures were uploaded to Ji Hye’s Cyworld for fun. But we didn’t expect that it would receive so much attention from everyone. We will continue to post pictures in future. There are unposted pictures yet.”

He added, “Every photo of the Shin Family is under the control of Han Ji Hye. From taking the pictures, editing and uploading them, it’s all done by Ji Hye. Not long ago, Da Hae, me and Ji Hye took some pictures but they weren’t uploaded to her Cyworld. I asked her (Ji Hye) about it and she said she didn’t look too good in it so she did not upload them.” (absolute power corrupts ^^)

Park Hae Jin isn’t the only one who is caught up with the Shin Family photo taking. East of Eden atmosphere-maker Jo Min Ki and Lee Da Hae have also fallen in love with the photo taking. Lee Da Hae expressed, “The 4 of us hang out together more often, so naturally we would start snapping away.”

It’s great to know that they have so much fun off-screen.

>> Kyowo!! >(^ ~)< Park Hae Jin & Han Ji Hye are cute together.

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress


One Response to “East of Eden Shin Family Candid Photos Gains Popularity”

  1. najwa1701 Says:

    PARK HAE JIN~! saranghae….

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