Alex and Shin Ae Leaves We Got Married

Alex and Shin Ae will say goodbye to We Got Married for the second time.

Alex and Shin Ae filmed their last outdoor shoot on 29th October for MBC We Got Married at the Acoustical Society of Korea located at Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu. 600 fans from the Alshin fanclub attended in the format of a fanmeeting as Alex and Shin Ae left the show in their own special way.

On this day, Alex and Shin Ae came to the fanmeeting venue early as they decorated the entire place personally with flowers, balloons, photos (polaroids I guess ^^), etc. Shin Ae also made cookies and presents in the form of cosmetics, autographed photos, etc and packaged them nicely. The production team even transferred Alshin couple sofa from their home at Yongin, Gyeonggi-do to their fanmeeting place, making the atmosphere extra heartwarming.

During the fanmeeting, Alex and Shin Ae chatted with their fans, Alex sang for them while Shin Ae read out letters with the entire event brimming with excitement (you have to wonder how much of this will actually be aired). As Shin Ae was opening her letter, she couldn’t help but start tearing. She couldn’t stop herself and burst out crying several times while reading the letter.

Seeing that Alex and Shin Ae would really be leaving following the conclusion of the event, fans were noticeably sad at that. Alex and Shin Ae will film their last studio segment on 4th November and their farewell episode will air probably in mid-November. PDs claim that there will be no further changes after this.

Reasons given for Alex and Shin Ae departure from the show was because of Alex’s back problems while Shin Ae has to film a saeguk drama Empress Chun Chu. As the filming for Empress Chun Chu takes place in Gyeongsangbuk-do (outside of Seoul) and which could take up 5 to 7 consecutive days, it wasn’t realistic for Shin Ae to travel from Gyeongsangbuk-do to Seoul.

The ominous signs were there or rather a combination of factors that were forced by circumstances. Choi Jin Shil’s (Shin Ae was very close to her) death, Alex back problems, something fishy when they added 2 couples despite only Anbi leaving, the lack of airtime for Alshin couple in the past few episodes, Shin Ae starting her drama filming, Ant couple moving into a big house, etc.

It was good while it lasted when they made their return. It took a while to regain the lost spark. But when they eventually did, every single moment despite little airtime was sweet. They are still the only couple to leave and then return on We Got Married. Now, I have even more reason not to watch when they are officially off the show, they were my favourite couple afterall.

>> No offense to Alshin fans but… their segment is the most boring portion on the show. Well they started good but after their comeback they’ve become boring and not so enjoyable to watch. I’m glad that they’re finally leaving the show…

Credit: Coolsmurf


5 Responses to “Alex and Shin Ae Leaves We Got Married”

  1. it’s so pitty.


  3. what!
    i loveee alshin
    alshin fighting!

  4. QilaLovesChangmin Says:

    no..AlShin couple wasnt boring at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love to watch them together..they were so romantic and lively!

  5. i love Alex & shin ae olso Andy&Solbi i Hope that they stay on connection

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